Obama Biden Abortion Mentality: Understanding China, Tapping My Wallet

Just thinking about the blow-back from Joe Biden saying he ‘understood’ China’s one-child policy. In China, mothers are often forced to abort after her first child is born. The thing to remember is, the idea of abortion is not troublesome to the Obama administration. They are all committed supporters of abortion.


In the first few weeks of pregnancy, many Liberals believe the baby isn’t human. In later weeks, when even so-called ‘science’ cannot deny humanity, it doesn’t change anything. This administration has no emotional response to the purposeful death of the unborn, other than to fight for it. They have no qualms about forcing unwilling taxpayers to pay for abortion. They tax us, then use the money to fund abortion, and say they have not. A worse insult is, during the Clinton and Obama terms, our foreign aid tax dollars paid/pays for abortions for women throughout the world.

This lawless administration has taken abortion to another level by allowing our Congress to abuse us with the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) which will pay for your birth control, and your abortion. They said it would not, but they lied.

To be clear, women have the right to abort. I am loathe to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. If I had the power to ban all abortions in this country…if it were up to me, I frankly don’t know what I would do. I believe abortion is taking a life, and I believe it is morally wrong to do so, outside of dispensing justice in a court of law.

But I understand the hopelessness of a woman – often alone, with no income, with no future, feeling she can offer no future for her child – no work, no support…no one who cares. Or a woman angry at the world, knowing no capacity to love the child she is carrying. Hopelessness and despair change everything about our world view.

Good and honorable women have been in that place. Young girls, with no wisdom about their futures, and no guidance at home have been in that place. A women living this hopeless reality is not in the same category as the cold-blooded murderer, in my opinion. I can support the death penalty, but pullback when I judge the mother.

This leaves women who recklessly conceive and abort, and do it more than once. I don’t know how God handles them because only he knows their hearts. It is wrong, but nothing will stop the serial aborter, including laws. History shows us that someone will always be there to rid you of your child for a price. I respect those who say they “know,” how God will view the hopeless woman – those who tell me there is no grey area, but I’m not convinced, and I’m not the decider.

I know many will disagree with me, and that’s okay. I am at peace about it. Believe me, I do ‘get it,’ but I will respect the right that women have today, no matter how repugnant the act is to me. I will support the right, but not the decision, and I thank my Father I have never been in that abhorrent hopeless state.

So, about that ‘decision.’ I want to know how anyone in government can justify making me pay for another person’s abortion? I live in an Obama-Biden world, and it’s a terrible thing. There is a monumental abuse of my rights going on. I don’t want to pay for the abortion of a hopeless woman, or the serial aborter. I will feed your child, not fund the death of your baby. There are those who are okay with it, but there are many like me, who just want you to take care of yourself, or find someone willing, because I am not, and I am not alone.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I have no problem with paying for Birth Control. It will prevent abortion.

    Judaism teaches us that life begins at viable birth and not before. The fetus is the great potential for human life. A potential that should not be destroyed willy-niily. That there are reasons that a woman may abort (life of the mother for one), but the decision should be done after prayer and reflection.

    What we have today are children being destroyed for no reason other than they are inconvenient to the couple. They are the wrong sex, have the wrong color eyes, they will be slow, they aren’t perfect. Absurd reasons. No child is perfect. (Except mine, but I am prejudice. I am their mother.) You take what G-d gives you and you work with it. Sculpting it into a wonderful person.

    Abortion destroys the being that could be the salvation for the world.

    He who saves a life saves the entire world. From the Talmud.

    • findalis, some of the “birth control” includes several morning after pills. I do believe that the fetus is life, not potential for human life. This is a tough issue, but what is not “tough” about it, is me or you paying for something for someone else – something we have not agreed to pay for.

      • I find it troubling that I have to pay for the pre-natal care of unwed teenage girls when the fathers get away with paying nothing. But to have healthy children we pay it.

        The misconception with the “morning after” pill is that they are used willy-nilly. In fact, 90% of those who use them are rape victims. I want that option for a rape victim and will pay for her to have it.

        The beautiful thing about regular birth control: When given away for free, like candy. The abortion rate goes way down. A woman has a right to say when she wants a child.

  • China’s ‘one child’ policy would have been great for America–had it only begun after the births of the eldest siblings of Obama, Biden, Pelosi, & Reid…

  • Progressives are clueless when it comes appreciating the value of each life. But that is not much differnet than most totalitarian regimes. It is a necessary requirement in implementing their agenda. That is what is most worrisome about the Muslim issue. When it becomes better to be dead than alive, indeed, there is no way to respond to their threat. Death is thus victory one way or another for them.

  • Clark Minn

    The babies are so cute!!For me, I am still in favor of birth control…

  • Abortion is a big NO, NO for me… I go for natural birth control.

  • Suzanne

    I believe that conceiving is a gift from God so I am not in favor of abortion. I agree with Charie,natural birth control can be employed.