Obama Amnesty by Fiat: DREAM Act by Fiat: New Standards ByPass Law – We Can’t Stop Obama in Court. What Do We Do Now?

As reports that jobless claims were up today by 9,000 totaling 408,000 last week, the Obama administration announced they will not deport illegals they deem pose no threat to the U.S. Add how many illegals to that 9,000? Obama is instituting the DREAM Act, legislation that could not pass Congress, through “new standards”

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The “new standards” didn’t come from Congress or established law, however, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) says the new standards will meet the “relief” required under the DREAM Act, which didn’t become law, but Obama and the Department of Homeland Security are making it law by fiat. Are we going to sit by and let this happen?

The administration says it will review cases one-by-one because the court dockets are crammed with illegals. If they are illegal, why are they going through court? Just send them back. We should not be wasting time, money and energy on people we know are not in this country legally.

This is, of course, about votes and the November 2012 elections.

New York Times:

Mr. Durbin said he believed the new policy would stop the deportation of most people who would qualify for relief under his bill, known as the Dream Act (formally the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act).

Some experts have estimated that more than two million people might be eligible to apply for legal status under the Dream Act. Mr. Durbin’s office estimates that 100,000 to 200,000 could eventually earn citizenship, though the numbers are uncertain.

Under the new policy, the government will review 300,000 cases of people in deportation proceedings to identify those who might qualify for relief and those who should be expelled as soon as possible.

A Democrat operative is chatting with Greg Jarrett on Fox News this minute. She says those who now will not be deported have been here from childhood or have committed no crimes. I don’t believe that. Why, when we deport only a minuscule number of the 12+ Million illegals in this country, were these 300,000 pegged to be deported? Because they were children or had been here since childhood? No. Because they had no criminal record? No.

Really America, what do we do now? Forty states instituted new immigration legislation in the first half of 2011, in an effort to protect their citizens from the illegal invasion. If Obama will not uphold the laws of our lands what can we do? The Democrat Senate will not convict him on impeachment charges. We can’t stop this man in the courts, so what do we do?

Linked by Political Realities. Read more on Obama’s particular style of unconstitutional governance there, and thanks Larry!

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  • michigan

    For now, Governors that have the numbers in their legislatures need to propose sweeping legislation making it a felony for the employment, harboring, aiding and abetting, and non disclosure of known persons illegally within the borders of their State, similar to Arizona. This may be possible beginning with the same state AGs that filed complaints against the national health care law.
    Secondly, after this next and the presidential voting cycle, if conservatives have the seats, make being in the U.S. a felony, not a misdemeanor. Then, pass sweeping legislation modeled after Mexican law dealing with foreign persons within their borders.


    Most Americans are damn sick and tired of this one way, exploitive, parasitic activity. Fair is fair.

    • michigan, they may be trying. 40 states have new immigration legislation. Of course they will have to fight it through the courts alongside the Arizona mess. Making being here a felony is really needed. That said, we will never pass Mexican-like laws here. We’re too civilized as we go about being entirely lawless. Thanks for the link to Malkin.

  • Of course it’s about the votes in 2012. He timed this just about right, but I hope it backfires in his face.

  • mario

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  • Lamar smith said it could be debunked by the house.Have town hall meetings with american citizens out of work raising hell to protect them and their families that they need those jobs not illegals.bring your children along like the illegals do to get the sympathy of the politicians