News/Views 8-29-11 @ Maggie’s Notebook ExxonMobil Edition

Visiting around the Intertubes at some of my favorite blogs, I’m sure to find intriguing, maddening, appalling and/or funny posts to share with you – and occasionally even some good news. Listed below are those I had time for today, listed in reverse alphabetical order because…it’s only fair.

ExxonMobile Oil Strikes in Gulf

Western Hero is exploring “rational self-interest, morality and liberty,” specifically in the London riots (which can be duplicated anywhere). There is a quote from Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Theo Spark has a short, smart post about the criminal failure of the Federal Reserve: “…Marxism is also synonymous with failure because under a flawed political concept or a flawed economic concept, ultimately EVERYTHING becomes ‘criminal’ under the ‘State’ except stupid.”

So, how did Glenn Beck’s Israel Restore Courage event in Israel go with the people and the media? John at The Sentry Journal shows that the perceptions of the press were largely negative, and he explains why. I don’t think there was a peep it about on Fox. Did you see anything there?

The republican mother is one of those beautiful minds in the blogosphere. If you don’t know her, you should introduce yourself. A former State Department employee, Charlotte Iserbyt talks about the “collectivists” she worked among. Are you watching for “controlled conflict,” and how it is used to gain power? Want some inside scoop about Skull and Bones? The republican mother is treasure chest of conservative research.

Karen at The Lonely Conservative has the story I’ve been trying to do, but get distracted. ExxonMobil is suing the Feds for canceling their Gulf leases. You’ll remember that Obama, his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and his Gulf moratorium are held in contempt of court. Maybe ExxonMobil stepping-up will start a trend. Oh, and they announced in June one of the largest oil and gas finds in the Gulf of Mexico in the last ten years. 

Gatordoug at The Daley Gator has the sweetest thing, a thank you for the ladies reading there, but getting back to business, read about Obama’s latest pick to lead our country’s “economic team,” (yet another committee (“committee” in Russian means “soviet”). Leftist+Professor = no creds. You have to see the chart. Can you guess the president making the fewest appointments of those with private sector experience? Yeah, you’re right. It’s Obama. But bet you can’t guess just how far below his predecessors he falls. Who’s second? Might surprise you.

Bob at The Camp of the Saints has the best – really, the best, “spot-on quote of the day.” You’ll chuckle, pump your fist and stand up and yell: YYEESSSSSSS! If you are a blogger, do you need help with handling your spam? Bob is giving classes. If you’re not a blogger, you’ll love it anyway.

Teresa at Teresameria has the appalling news that the Ground Zero mosque has applied for $5 Million in federal funding for their building fund (or whatever). She asks: why aren’t Liberals jibbering about the so-called “separation of church and state?” See an excellent video explaining what the mosque (now called Park 51) is all about.

Jimmy Bise at Sundries Shack is talking about’mule-headed Republicans and the Whomping Club of Motivation.’ Love that title! Is your GOP lawmaker one of those who decided to skip your wrath by skipping townhall-type meetings during the August recess?

Ran at Si Vis Pacem says ‘Palin must run and run for keeps.’ Take a look at the data and see if you agree.

SayAnythingBlog reports a North Dakota Grocery Store got a federal bailout, and others are standing in line.

Reaganite Republican has the background on former Vice President Dick Cheney’s book and Colin Powell’s angst.

‘And then they came for the Spiderman lunchboxes.’ Read it at Pundit and Pundette and weep.

William at Pirate’s Cove has the story of a blogger editing doctoring a Michele Bachmann speech. Do you think Congresswoman Bachmann might ask the crowd: Who likes white people? Disgusting story. William has a lot of links and insight to what really happened.

UPDATE: Wow, the edited video in the Pirate’s Cove story above, was Stacy McCain’s video, taken as Bachmann spoke at a Christian Music event in Iowa. Read his account and help him figure out who to sue. What a nasty bit of business.

Big Fur Hat at I Own the World shows Georgia’s Clayton County welfare office when the the unthinkable happens – residents stand in line for 6 hours but don’t get their food stamps.

Matt at Conservative Hideout says union “shenanigans in Wisconsin” haven’t gone away, and neither has their desire to punish Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Opus at American Perspective has a good, but sobering video of the Brits advising us: “Don’t give up your guns.” Notice the woman at about 19 seconds-in who says “…all our traditions, they are going.”

Adrienne at Adrienne’s Corner is also talking about Wisconsin schools and the teacher’s unions who dare to dash dreams. Rude SOBs. Please don’t miss the video. See how the rude SOBs treat teachers (or maybe it’s a parent). Messmer Preparatory School sends 85% of their students on to university.

Linked by Bob Belvedere on a lazy holiday weekend – never mind, he still has some great links for you.

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