Michelle Obama in Spain: Skips Birthday Fundraiser: Media Silent

UPDATE: I believe this report is not true, or it has been removed from the Daily Mail story linked below. My apologies. I’m trying to determine what happened and/or how I misunderstood the report. Remember, MO did the same thing last year. According to sources she returned this year with friends. Having fun in Marbella. On the magnificent Costa del Sol. With Sasha. Malia is at camp. They all plan to rendezvous for Obama’s Rose Garden birthday celebration. The U.S. media isn’t talking about it.

Michelle Obama in Marbella August 2010

Story source: The Daily Mail


  • fsm47

    glad to know our tax money is helping the queen on another vacation

  • I wonder how much this trip will cost the US taxpayers this time. 10 million a day? 15 Million?

    And has anyone noticed how Barack and Michelle are very seldom together. They take separate vacations, eat separately and live separate lives. Are they even speaking to each other?

  • Ran

    Heh. Off to see his boyfriend in Chicago again? Dates at “Man’s World?” Damn near split-up over it eight years ago…

  • Kari Smith

    Who is that guy with the sunglasses on????

  • janlyn

    Maggie, you did not misunderstand the Daily Mail report. I read it too, over and over to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. I have also searched online to see if I could confirm DM’s report but came up empty. It appears (from photos) that the first lady was not at the big party but I can’t confirm that either. The only thing the media reports is the 50th birthday email the M.O. sent out.

    It’s all rather odd, isn’t it?

    • janlyn, thank so much for telling me this. I knew I didn’t dream it. It also said specifically that she was in Marbella and I checked to see if she went there last year too, and she did. Yes, they also specifically said she was not at the party.

      Yes, it is very odd! Again, thank you!

    • Lizzy

      I read the story in the DM but could not find it anyplace else. Then it disappeared altogether. Something funny about this.
      She has been absent for a couple weeks there is a website that follows every piece of clothing and jewelry she wears and
      they haven’t had a thing since 7-25. If she did go the media might cover it up who knows but its very strange.

  • Word

    I still say the first ladies shopping spree to Spain with national media attention was by design.

    If you all recall and no one even talked about it……BLAGGO was on trial and Obama headed off quietly to Chicago at the time.

    Several days later Blaggo was aquitted. No doubt Obama and his cronies were putting millions into Blaggo’s offshore account to keep him silent in incriminating Obama and Illegal activities.

    Whats boggling is that no one even bothered to discuss this. Not even on the right blogsphere.

  • Mary