Media on Bush Unemployment

Flashback: Media during the G.W. Bush years:

George W Bush

From Rush Limbaugh:

Shazam, it was almost as though they wanted Bush to fail. You remember. For four years running at 4.7% unemployment, at 5% unemployment, at 5.6% unemployment, they were proclaiming we were either on the verge of a recession or were in one.

They were out trying to find the worst sob stories.  Now they’re doing everything they can to talk it up.  Do they really think we’re such fools that we don’t see this?

When unemployment started spiraling upward, what did we get from ’em?  We got stories on how wonderful that is.  Families are finding one another again, friends have social time, the stress and strain of working is no longer a part of anybody’s day.  It really is a new perspective on life.  All the wonderful aspects of not having a job, all the great things you could do if you didn’t have any work you had to do.  Fun employment, they called it.

And now they’re doing everything they can, they’re just incapable of telling us the truth, totally incapable.

Obama’s unemployment:

Obama's Unemployment