Louis Magazzu Nude Photos: New Jersey Dem Freeholder Emails Nude Photos of Himself to Political Enemy

Cumberland County Freeholder Louis N. Magazzu, an “influential” New Jersey Democrat, says a women he met on the internet asked him for nude photos of himself. He emailed them. She posted them online. Now Magazzu says the woman was an “avowed political enemy,” with a plan to put the indecent photos on a website. She forwarded them to Charles B. Johnson at MagazzuWatch.com. Johnson is more than a little interested in the political demise of Magazzu, and posted the photos. He claims Lou Magazzu led Cumberland County with an iron fist, with nothing to show for it: no public transportation infrastructure, no cultural activities, highest teen pregnancy, lowest income, most children in poverty. If you dare, you can see the photos here (click on photo gallery), although Magazzu is demanding they be taken down.

Louis N. Magazzu

Magazzu resigned his position “to spare” his loved ones further “pain.” He was separated from his wife before the photos were taken, but according to the New York Post.

Magazzu had aspirations for the Democrat national political scene:

Magazzu, who has been trying to play a bigger role with Democrats on the national level, consulted with trusted allies and sought their advice on whether he should resign his freeholder post after the website published the explicit images.

Johnson notified some area media and sent them copies of the photos. No one would touch it:

• On July 4, Johnson posted a head and chest photo of a shirtless Magazzu.

• On July 6, Johnson sent The Daily Journal an email containing uncensored photographs and accompanying private email exchanges between Magazzu and the unidentified woman. Daily Journal editors decided not to write a story about the materials at that time, judging it a private matter between consenting adults that did not involve any evidence of illegality or improper use of government resources. Johnson criticized the newspaper’s decision on his website.

• The material subsequently was offered to other area newspapers and other media, none of which published a story about them.

• On July 7, Johnson posted a photo of Magazzu in which he is pantless and his genitals are exposed. An image is imposed over Magazzu’s genitals, however.

• On July 8, Johnson posted more censored nude photos, plus an Internet exchange between Magazzu and a woman.

Johnson has been warned that he may face criminal charges for posting the photographs. Johnson said his attorney says it’s a First Amendment issue and keep on posting. The Daily Mail has the story, and Magazzu photos. 

  • Apparently, he was out of the country during Weinergate.

    • Aggie, I owe you an apology. I forgot to add you to my Rule 5 post. That’s corrected now. It won’t happen again. Yeah, I couldn’t figure out how he could be stupid enough to do something like this, but thought it a hoot that the lady shared the photos.

  • Aggie Sith, LOL!

    Politicians have been set up using women “spies” since Alexander Hamilton’s scandal. What else is new, except they keep falling for it.

    • Opus, if you could get caught in Alexander Hamilton’s time, you will surely be caught and politically hung today. I think it’s God’s way of getting rid of the creeps.

  • Thanks for the laugh! What is it with these guys?

  • I guess he wanted the voters to know all of his short comings.

  • How is it that we are hearing about this only now? Oh yeah, MSM sat on it for a month. If not for the MSM, I would daresay a lot more democrats would be thinking about resigning.

    • The blogger that “got this result” was trying to expose the normal non-effective leadership of a politician. Don’t know whether the woman was his idea, or if it just happened. Would love to know, though.

  • Jack

    Sounds like he was framed and set up after having his online relationship with the woman culprit. Shame he has to be humiliated this way with the publication of his photos, but in the long run … the culprit who backstabbed him is the real criminal and she will have to suffer the consequences of her criminal actions.

    • Jack, you aren’t serious, right? The woman didn’t do this TO him. He did it. Nothing criminal about it. Reaganite Republican gets it.

  • If he doesn’t have the sense and self-awareness to realize that no woman in her right mind would want to see a nude pic of him… the guy has NO business in any kind of leadership role higher than tire store manager lol

  • Westie

    Like all immoral Democrats caught with their pants off, he’s now at the top of the list for a job beneath Debbie Shwartzen-whatever @ the DNC.
    The Porno Fund raising opportunities should be outstanding!

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