Journalist in Tripoli – CNN Threat: Don’t Mention Al-Qaeda or You’ll Be Killed

First thing to note is, it is a Russian anchor interviewing an unnamed man who looks Middle Eastern but speaks perfect English. We know Russian propaganda about the U.S. can be rank, so take that into consideration as you listen to the video. The man is portrayed as a journalist in Tripoli. He says Libyan Rebels are threatening journalists, and journalists who are not really journalists are threatening, as well. He clearly says that CNN told him not to mention “al-Qaeda or anything like that or we would get killed.”

Tripoli Libya

He says the U.S. and NATO are unhappy with “us,” and they are threatening British and French nationals because they are not “going with the NATO coverage.” He says NATO is not winning.

He reiterates that he and others are threatened by rebels and journalists.

While I can see that Barack Obama does not want rumors of al-Qaeda on the streets of Tripoli, and we do not know who the rebels are, after listening to this several times, I believe this man has an interest in something other than freedom. He mentions that the Cuban and Russian Embassies would give him shelter, but he can’t get there due to the fighting. What do you think? Thanks to Tallulah Starr on Twitter and on GulagBound, who always has breaking news.By the way, Russia is opposing calls for Syrian President Bashir Assad to resign. It’s plain they support world dictators.

Russian Television with Man Who Says CNN Threatened Him (video)

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  • Ran

    CNN has a rather bad reputation for this sort of Cowardly Non-News; Recall Eason Jordan’s Iraq debacle.

    As to the US Admin… Who might they support? Democratic rebels or AQ?

  • This is turning out to be the most amusing revolution is some time- twists, turns, and miles and miles underground tunnels/bunkers… what else could you want!

  • The real story should lie in the people behind the success story of an “unlikely army” of rebels.

    At Robbing America we did some digging and have a piece about “Who Is Really Behind the Success of the Libyan Rebels?”
    It is not who you expect or hear about in the Main Stream Media.

  • The “rebels” are just NATO/US backed mercs taking on Gaddafi who won’t play bankster-ball. Just read/watch John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman. He lays out what happens to third world dictators who don’t give World Bank/IMF/Fed Reserve banking cartel what they want. First they send in the “jackals” in an assassination attempt and if that fails, the military. He says this is what happened with Saddam, something I’ve heard from several other ex-intelligence people. A March UK Telegraph story reports that Al Qaeda is fighting with the rebels that the US is supporting. Wild.

  • Oh, and the “rebels” recently unveiled their Sharia Law Constitution. Isn’t fighting for “freedom” swell!

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