John McCain Hobbits: Tea Partiers are Hobbits – Not Sorry He Said It Cause Its Fact! Video

An arrogant and smug Senator John McCain read an article in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago on the floor of the Senate during the debt debate, which said Tea Partiers are “hobbits.” As video of his performance has shown, he was not criticizing the Wall Street Journal or the writer of the article. It was obvious he thought the writer made the right call, and he wanted to share it with his “friends across the aisle.” In this video, a member of The Greater Phoenix Tea Party asked him for an apology for referring to them as “hobbits.” He said was “very sorry” if he was misunderstood, but he wasn’t sorry he said it, because  it “is fact.” McCain, standing with his arms crossed over his chest, leaves no doubt that he isn’t even a little bothered about being misunderstood. Here’s the video.

John McCain Townhall with Greater Phoenix Tea Party (video)


  • And I have something to say to Mr. McCain.

    Sir, the feeling is mutual.

  • Is it any wonder that most of us voted for him while holding our noses.

    Oh for a non-RINO candidate!

  • His nomination was orchestrated by the liberal media. If they hadn’t viciously attacked everybody but McCain, he would have never won the nomination. I was prepared to leave the Presidential vote blank when I voted, until he unexpectedly had a moment of clarity and chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.

  • This video makes it easy to understand how Dear Leader won.

  • I guess the RINO forgot that the HOBBITS WON!!!


  • Pack it in already, you old fool

  • In the final analysis,perhaps it was better that he not win. We would be saddled with him in 2012, with no chance of taking all branches of government. I know its a stretch. Just saying.

  • Anyone notice that McLame.. looks a lot like Bilbo Baggins? My precious

    An actuall quote from Bilbo Baggins: “This is MADNESS! Fourteen against ten thousand, and yet you march off to certain destruction as merrily as if you were on your way to another tea party!”

  • AmusedOkie

    You’re right RINO McCain. You ARE sorry. And WE’RE sorry this nation has to endure “leadership” such as yours…………

    • AmusedOkie, thanks for visiting and commenting. I’m a proud Okie too.