Jesse Jackson: Promotes Black Abortion: Big Government is Us

Jesse Jackson is right up there among this country’s worst public speakers, second only to Senator Harry Reid. Jackson is upset that Conservatives want to defund Planned Parenthood, which aborts more Black babies than any other place on earth (maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s close). No wonder the Black population is falling far behind the Hispanic population in the U.S. Hispanics have their children, and their family plan is to raise them. It’s a good and honorable plan. This website, Black Genocide, says 13 Million Black children have been aborted since 1973. This video is dated June 2011. Jackson claims the entire federal budget is being held-up over Planned Parenthood. It’s a civil war, he says, …to weaken the federal government – it’s a civil rights war. “When they cut back on Big Government, they cut back on us – Big Government is us by another name.”

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson: Big Government is Us By Another Name (video)

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  • The biggest killer of Black children are not gangsters, cops or white racists, but Black mothers.

    • Excellent point findalis!

  • michigan

    Jesse seems to be making up for it by procreating with as many of his gumars as he can. I guess paying child support at 70 years old is something to brag about with the boys at blue plate special.

    • Michigan, with the Rainbow Coalition, Jackson didn’t have to worry because the government grants kept on rolling in. I understand he has had a more difficult time fundraising since the announcement about his daughter but no doubt, he is still on the government dole.