Jake Tapper Waits Behind the Heifer for Palin: September the Drop Dead Timeline

With attitude Jake Tapper at the Iowa State Fair says “I don’t…understand why you haven’t thrown your hat in the ring if you’re going to.” Snotty Attitude. She tells him it’s too early, then says practically speaking, September is the drop dead timeline for doing so. Tapper asks if he can ask a “substantive” question or two and she tells him she has to visit a “heifer” first. See the video below. Take a look at the bracelet on her right arm.

Sarah Palin at the Iowa State Fair 2011

Jake Tapper Corners Sarah Palin at Iowa State Fair (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • I frankly hope she stays out of the race . She will do better on the sidelines raising cain with Obama and the Dems. It will be a great distraction and keep the LSM after her and not constantly lying about what the REAL candidate has to say.

    She is a great fund raiser and hell raiser but I will NOT support her for a run as POTUS.