Iowa Debates Heating Up

Robert Stacy McCain at The Other McCain is in Iowa for the week’s coming Republican debates, and will be reporting blog by blog. On the way, he made a detour to attend a Rick Santorum event in Roland, Iowa. I’m on record saying I can support Rick Santorum’s political positions, fully. What a great and true conservative he is. As Stacy alludes, the press is ignoring him…but not McCain…, because, well…he took the detour to Roland. Maybe we will get a blog entry on a Santorum interview. Update: Sure ’nuff, Stacy scored a Santorum interview. See the video here. 

Iowa Cornfields

The rumor is Santorum’s entire family, including all 7 children, will be with him Iowa. In the event the Santorum family moves into the White House, the living quarters have only a total of 5 bedrooms. Some of the Santorum kiddos would have to bunk together. Just saying…

Take a look at the great pics he has of Michelle Bachmann greeting supporters, and her bus, and stand by for more as the debates get underway.

I know Stacy plans to spend time with Herman Cain (more than that, he figures a diplomatic gig might be in his future under a Cain presidency:-)). I know McCain had to be disciplined and frugal to afford this Iowa trip. He is married, has children and responsibilities, just as we all do. Here is a blogger digging into his own pocket to report on these important debates. In light of the tough times most of have experienced, read about Congressman Chaka Fattah’s (born Arthur Davenport) use of $2 million in taxpayer monies to ‘educate’ kids from a Philadelphia high school – on the ENVIRONMENT – on trips to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Doing my part for the Iowa economy, I have plans to serve an outstanding Iowa roasted corn salad with arugula, tomatoes and shaved parmesan, next week when my brother and sis-in-law visit.

Iowa Debate Schedule:

August 11, Thursday Debate in Ames, sponsored by Fox News, The Washington Examiner and the Republican Party of Iowa.

August 12, Friday, Sean Hannity live from the Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, Iowa

August 13, Saturday, Ames, Iowa State Straw Poll


Linked by Pirate’s Cove in a great round-up pertinent reading- Thank you William!


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  • Maggie … I’m in total agreement with you concerning Rick Santorum. What a great speech he gave when he announced he was running for potus. When things start winding down in 6 months or so, I hope it will be between Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. They both have what it takes. Of course Perry might mess all that up.

  • Word

    This community organizer, Cloward and Piven, Alinsky strategist running the country has so thoroughly destroyed the economy and the nation and is threatening to bring Europe down with him that I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would live thru someone worse then Jimmy Carter.

    Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Einstein/Mother Teresa/Winston Churchill all rolled into one.

    Obama must resign……..why is he punishing America by asking for 4 more years?

    ANYONE BUT OBAMA has my vote and I will contribute too and volunteer to help ANYONE who runs against Obama or a democrat.

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  • I’m glad to see the debate will be hosted by an honest news organization for a change…

  • Aram

    Any candidate republican or democrat except Ron Paul will ruin this country.He is my only hope.