George Soros Adriana Ferreyr: Soros Woman Beater – Heartbreaker

Adriana Ferreyr and George Soros had a five year intimate relationship. Ferreyr, 28, is described as a “sultry Brazilian.” She has accused him of beating her. She says she was promised some big time New York real estate by the 80-year-old George Soros (of course he did). A year after the breakup, she got back into bed with him and says Soros whispered some sweet somethings in her ear, I’ve “given the apartment to another woman.” Then he slapped her, tried to strangle her, tried to hit her with a glass lamp. She cut her foot on the lamp and needed three stitches. That’s according to Ferreyr’s lawsuit.  She did not file a police report. Of course she didn’t.

George Soros and Adriana Ferreyr

Adriana Ferreyr, an actress, is reportedly worth $15.5 Billion. Soros is twice divorced. Source Fox News

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