Geithner: No Chance of Credit Downgrade – “Listen Carefully Now…”

You’ve probably seen this as it has constantly been on the news since the credit downgrade. I’m late getting it up, but it needs to be here for posterity. Former head of the Federal Reserve and current Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is on Fox Business News (April 2011) and answers firmly and confidently that America will keep their AAA credit rating – no chance of losing that rating. As Geithner says three times in the video “listen carefully now….”

Tim Geithner

“They always raise it [debt limit], they will raise it…”

  • It’d be nice to see public officials held accountable for their mistakes. None of this is surprising, but it certainly makes it more difficult to take government seriously. Anyone remember videos of Barney Frank talking up the virtues of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, and subprime lending?

  • Great article! Very informative! So is it a safer bet to also go with gold and silver nowadays? I feel right now that it is overvalued. What do you think?