Gaddafi in Algeria? Tripoli Fallen to Rebels? Don’t Hold Your Breath for Democracy OnGoing Updates

Night has fallen in Libya and the early reports are that Gadaffi has fled to Algeria, but some reporters on the scene are not so sure. His forces reportedly have laid down their arms. Now the battle begins. Anyone want to guess what the new constitution will look like? If the more-civilized Egypt is any example, there will be no democracy. See on-going updates below.

Muammar Gaddafi

Gaddafi’s son, Saif is said to be in the custody of rebels. You’ll remember him. He helped

Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Saif Gaddafi

the sickly Pan Am 103 bomber, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, down the steps of the flight that brought him home to Libya to live out his last few days before dying from prostate cancer. He’s still alive.

This moment, 5:45 pm CDT in the U.S. a Fox report says all of Tripoli is under rebel control except Gaddafi’s compound, which is also his home. Earlier we heard that rebels were in the home of Gaddafi’s daughter Ayesha. A Fox reporter says “kids” are on the streets with machine guns.

When you see the people in the streets, the euphoria, the tears on the faces of the older citizens in Tripoli, your heart breaks, just as it did when we saw the Egyptian freedom fighters as they struggled to oust Muammar Gaddafi. The moment Gaddafi did leave for the Sinai was considered triumph, but just as quickly Yusef al-Qaradawi re-entered the country he was banned from 30 years ago. He picked up the mantle of the Muslim Brotherhood and this week he warned the military not to interfere with choosing parliament in September or the writing of the constitution. Months ago a ‘modesty police’ was set on the streets of Cairo and the reports from women are horrific. There will be no democracy in the Arab world, we can’t really even claim it fully in Iraq as yet. Pundits are talking about the Arab-style of democracy. Sounds all warm and fuzzy, but it isn’t. It’s deadly.

We should still be asking the question: Who are the rebels?

UPDATE 8-22-11 8:40 am CDT U.S.: Reuters is confirming Gaddafi’s arrest. He is being held under house arrest. The article says he notified al-Jazeera television that his house was surrounded.

“They said they will guarantee my safety. They are besieging my house,” he added. The sound of gunfire could be heard in the background. “Yes, the gunfire is inside my house,” he said before the line was suddenly cut off.

He later clarified he and his family were well and unhurt

There are reports that second son has been detained.

UPDATE 6:26 pm CDT U.S.: International Criminal Court has indicted Saif Gaddafi and Muammar Gaddafi. Saif has been detained by rebel “special forces.

UPDATE 6:12 pm CDT U.S.: Another report from a Fox producer. Gaddafi’s forces HAVE NOT laid down their weapons. No other detail.

UPDATE 6:07 PM CDT U.S.: A female Sky News reporter is on the ground in Tripoli. The gunfire is shocking. The reporter, Alex, said bullets are flying (thought to be in celebration but not completely certain) everywhere along with burned-out cars.

Still no confirmation that Gaddafi is out of the country.

UPDATE 6:03 pm CDT U.S.: A Fox producer in Libyan says the foreign press is hunkered down in their hotels. People with guns are roaming the hallways and are all over the street. Journalists are awaiting rebels to come in, recognize them as from the West and make it possible for them to report from the streets.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Don’t celebrate just yet. These ‘rebels’ are members of al Qaeda. They substituted one terrorist for another.

    • I haven’t celebrated for one minute since this whol thing began. As I said, don’t hold your breath waiting for democracy. There won’t be any.

  • Why do we have to force democracy down the throats of people at the point of a gun or coerce them into accepting a lifestyle that is so contrary to their ideology with billions of dollars and threats of taking it away if they don’t comply?
    Democracy in Libya is a pipe dream. In 1951 Libya became an Independent country
    The Libyan constitution was adapted. It was written by members of the Twenty One Committee which was a representative of all regions of Libya then. The constitution was based on the federal idea of government and it divided Libya into three states: Tripoli, Cyrinica and Fazzan all ruled by a central government lead by king Idris.

    Of course this government was overthrown by Gaddafi. They government under the King was as close to democracy as they ever will get and even then a group did not want that. Look for another Muslim Brotherhood gang to take over and rule the country.

    • In Libya I don’t think that has happened ticker. I believe everyone wants democracy and freedom. The problem is there are many, many men in parts of the world that want it for themselves but not for others, and particularly not for their women.

      I saw an interview early on in this fight of Libyans who spoke English. They desperately wanted Gaddafi gone, but probably didn’t have a single name of one person who might run the country democratically. It’s a nightmare for people and they have no hope. We can’t fix it.

      I agree. Hardliners (probably the al-qaeda among them now in the streets) and/or the MB will grasp control.

  • I don’t particularly care what kind of government Libya has, only so long as it remains a peaceful, non-disruptive nation. It is not my business, or America’s, to determine the type of government any society adopts. But, as the author hints, if history is judge, we shouldn’t expect some great, liberalized society.

  • Maggie, Then why did Obama send OUR AMERICAN Military under the cover of NATO in an unconstitutional move to Libya if it were not to force his style of government down their throats and for leverage in the future? Just wait until he calls for a few billion to be sent to Libya to “rebuild what he will claim OUR bombs have destroyed. He is already hinting at such a move in his lame comments today.
    Any Congressman who votes one dime to Libya should be kicked out of office in 2012.

  • While I am at it and on a roll on Libya why aren’t we charging them for Whellus AB that we had to leave, with all the equipment and all the belongings of the dependents when the ruckus broke out there in 68/69? Don’t let the media fool you we did not have until 70 to get out. That is what it was on paper. No we just walked off and gave it to them. I’d be collecting , with interest, what is owed with the frozen assets of Gaddafi etal.
    I watched little kids cry because they couldn’t bring along more than one of their favorite toys, dolls etc when the military was told to get the hell out ASAP. I watched dependents break down because they had to leave everything other than what they could carry on our plane. They were in shock, like refugees, not knowing where they were going or how long it would take them to get back to the States. They had NOTHING other than what they carried. Our government DID NOTHING other than provide the planes to carry them out. They did nothing then just like they did nothing when Flt 103 was bombed except complain. Gadaffi was fully responsible for this tragedy yet we did nothing.
    I’m tired of handing out to fools in the ME who will only spit in our face at first chance. We have one friend in the ME and that is Israel. The rest can go to hell. That includes our so called friend Turkey who blocked our runways during the Wheelus fiasco. They did the same thing during the six day war . So kick them all to the curb. They are nothing but whores living off the “sugar daddy” USA. Time to put the whores back on the street and let em rot.