Elle Talks Conservative Women – “Baby Palins”

Elle Magazine has a spread on conservative women. I guess we have to buy the issue to read about Dana Loesch, S. E. Cupp, and Ashley Sewell. Online what we see is a photo montage of some of the best and brightest of high-profile right-leaning women. S. E. Cupp is beautiful from whatever angle, but really, Elle…what are you thinking (I know what you’re thinking). You really couldn’t come up with a more professional photo of this gorgeous woman? (Maybe there are photos inside the paper issue.) Dana Loesch isn’t pictured. Michele Bachmann is shown at CPAC looking like Richard Nixon. Kelly Conway is shown wearing mink…blue mink. Sure to get Libs in a snit. Kristi Noem, the freshman Congresswoman from South Dakota looks like Kristie Noem. Sarah Palin is there in a poster shown with her staff (and all the women are referred to as “Baby Palins”). The star of the online article is 20-year-old Regis Giles, the younger sister of Hannah Giles of Pimp and Prostitute fame, the de-nutting of ACORN. See a great video below.

Regis Giles

I was not that familiar with Regis Giles, but she is making a big name for herself. She is all about girls and guns, hunting and such, and has a website Girls Just Wanna Have Guns, which I was aware of but hadn’t gotten around to visiting. Regis spoke at CPAC. This from Elle:

Giles keeps her speech short, sweet, and to the point. “I’m sick and tired of seeing defenseless girls being abducted in broad daylight,” she says in an unstudied nasal drawl. “My company stands for those girls who’ve decided to arm themselves with a gun that will pump lead into an attacker at 1,200 feet per second. I wanna see more headlines stating ‘Girl kills attacker with gun’ than ‘Girl found dead after being raped and choked to death.’” The audience packed into the Marriott’s Grand Ballroom erupts in cheers, stomps, and whistles. She’s brought the house down.

Then there’s this:

Like all goddesses, Regis Giles may be considered the progeny of two greater deities: Gloria Steinem and Glenn Beck. In real life, Regis’ dad, Doug Giles, is a conservative radio host, the self-described “pastor” of his own “Clash Church,” and a man who calls himself “a big pain in the butt to people who dislike God and the U.S.A.” Her mom homeschooled her and now teaches low-income kids in Miami, where the couple live.

Elle writer Nina Burleigh says Regis often poses next to “fresh kill,” and is the “ambassadress of the polished trigger finger,” – “thanks to the Palin effect.” [Snark, Snort]

Regis Giles - Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

Elle couldn’t come close to finding women this beautiful or intelligent from the left – not even one comes to my mind. I did a search for “beautiful liberal women” and Susan Sarandon popped up first. HA! Here’s a pic of S. E. Cupp although she isn’t wearing glasses here, and she is simply stunning in them.

S. E. Cupp

The gorgeous and pithy Dana Loesch:

Dana Loesch

See Regis Giles Primal Urge in the video below.

Regis Giles at CPAC 2011 (video)

Beautiful righty, Tina Korbe, at Hot Air has more.

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