East Coast New York Hurricane 1938: 600+ Dead Video

Extraordinary video from September 1938, of the hurricane that hit the east coast, including New York City.  The storm was known as the Great New England Hurricane, The Yankee Clipper or the Long Island Express. The storm hit Long Island on September 21st, 1938 as a Category 3. Estimates are that between 682 and 800 people died, with over 700 injured. This report says damaged trees and buildings were still visible in 1951. It was the first major hurricane to hit the area since 1969 and left behind $6 Billion [2004 USD] in damages. See the video below.

Eastern Long Island, New England Hurricane 1938

New York City was not directly hit, but 75 mile-an-hour winds in Manhattan caused the East River to flow 3 blocks inland. The Empire State Building swayed in the heavy winds. A movie theater showing a matinee was swept out to sea, and 21 people drowned.

The storm hit Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. The largest numbers of deaths occurred in Rhode Island.

Great New England Hurricane of 1938 (video)

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