CNN Sara Sidner Hit in Tripoli by Shell Casings

There are some astonishing reports of CNN correspondent Sara Sidner “grazed by a shell” in Tripoli while reporting live on the street with heavy gunfire all around her.  There is a lot of gunfire.  In the video below you see her tell her crew they will move to a wall, because as she very calmly says, “I’m getting hit by some of the shells.” A few seconds later she says, “I just got hit a little bit by one of the shells from one of those guns….” At one point, she looks to her right and slightly behind her, puts her hand out and says, “Yeah we’re okay sir. Please don’t shoot.”

Sara Sidner

We saw Sky News’ Alex Crawford in the streets of Tripoli with heavy gun fire last night. She had on a helmet and bullet-proof vest, and said she felt completely safe and donned the gear only in the event a stray bullet came her way. Forget that both Sara and Alex are women. We don’t have boots on the ground in Libya other than journalists. Just reading what happened to Lara Logan in Egypt was gut-wrenching. What if a correspondent took a bullet to the face or neck in Libya. I’m not sure the risk is warranted (and it isn’t my judgement to make), but it does make for great ratings. What do you think? Think this kind of reporting is warranted in countries where even young kids are firing rifles in the streets?

Sidner has reported from Mumbai and Afghanistan. Read more about Sara Sidner at Business Insider.


CNNs Sara Sidner in Tripoli (video)

Thanks to Mediaite for the video

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Maybe is she is lucky she will be raped just like Lara Logan. I don’t trust the rebels, Qadaffy, or any one in that area. In fact a couple of good nukes would have solved the problem there years ago.

  • Hot brass down the front off your shirt will get your attention.

  • With the coverage as scattered and lacking in analysis as it is, no; I don’t think it’s worth risking lives to get it. Also, because journalists can’t get a big picture of what’s going on, they are likely to be manipulated into providing propaganda. It’s entertaining to see journalists running around in a combat zone, but lacking the big picture and the analysis, that’s all it is; entertainment.