Chris Matthews: Tea Party Baby Kidnapping Terrorists, Political Polygamy: Tea Party Republicans Terrorists,

As I said earlier this week, Democrats will not call Ft. Hood killer, Nidal Hasan, a terrorist, but think it proper to compare Conservatives to suicide bombers and airplane hijackers. “Terrorists” and “Hostage-Taking Extremists,” that’s Tea Party Republicans according to Liberals and Progressives. Biden called us “terrorists” today, now denying it, but someone inside the Democrat party is saying it’s true. In the same meeting with Biden, Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA) said debt ceiling negotiations were carried out with “terrorists.” Hannity last night was appalled at the ‘terrorist’ rhetoric. Progressive Bob Beckel was sitting on his panel, and quietly admitted that he had used the ‘T-word’ as well. Sean asked how he justified that? He said he was “mad” at the time. Chris Matthews has had a couple of rants using “hostage-taking and “terrorizing.” Listen to the audio of the “baby” and “kidnapping” here.

Matthews talked to Jack Lew, Barack Obama’s Office of Management and Budget Director. The frustrated Hardball host lamented the President’s failure to say,”[I will accept] no game playing, no hostage-taking, no terrorizing this country with the debt ceiling. I’m not going to negotiate with you guys. You can’t play it that way.”

Matthews began the program with this odd explanation of the deal: “Leading off tonight, political polygamy. The problem with this deal being struck among Republicans, Tea Parties and Democrats today is the problem with polygamy. It’s not balanced. It’s not equal. It’s not fair.

The New York Times said Republicans were ‘hostage-taking extremists.’  Pathetic Congressman Hank Johnson, he who thought no others should show up on Guam’s shores, because he feared the island would “tip over (see that video here),” says Tea Partiers are “willing conspirators,” in “dismantling the American Government. According to Johnson, Republican leadership is only “so-called leadership.” Can you imagine Republicans calling Democrat leadership the “so-called leadership?”

White House Adviser Fareed Zakaria accused us of blowing something up. Nice coming out of the White House. Remember Obama after the Tucson shootings:

Rather than pointing fingers or assigning blame, let us use this occasion to expand our moral imaginations, to listen to each other more carefully, to sharpen our instincts for empathy, and remind ourselves of all the ways our hopes and dreams are bound together. Source.

That came amid Liberal cries that Sarah Palin ‘targeted’ Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford…put Giffords in her “crosshairs.” Democrats said when they did it, it wasn’t the same as when Palin did it. It’s a shame the President of the United States would not simply say, ‘neither Conservatives or  Sarah Palin had anything to do with the deaths in Tucson, or the grievous wounding of Gifford.’

Steve Rattner on Morning Joe uttered “Tea Party terrorists.” Margaret Carlson said Republicans strapped explosives to the Capitol, and William Yeomans at Politico said Republicans are “full-blown terrorists,” and “hostage-takers.”

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) recently said Republicans were against raising the debt limit because Barack Obama is Black, yet every single Democrat voted against raising the debt limit in 2007, and as I asked here, was that because George W. Bush was White? 

I heard a good line from Bernie Goldberg, who I haven’t much love for, say he thinks the ‘terrorist’ rhetoric is being used because the claim that Republicans are ‘racists’ isn’t working anymore. Refreshing if that’s true…about time Democrats figured it out, but ‘terrorist?’

Remember Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) who claimed a member of the Tea Party “spat upon” him? As video evidence later showed, it never happened. Words, just words…a lie. He coined a nice phrase for his esteemed Chamber’s legislation. He might be right.

The New York Times won’t give it up. Ed Nocera’s says the Tea Party has waged war on America, and reminded us of the caution to “never negotiate with terrorists.

NBC’s Al Sharpton’s declared the Tea Party “a monster.”  An NBC guest declared us Terrorists – ‘They’re strapped with dynamite sitting in middle of Times Square at rush hour.

The good news is, every program promoting “Tea Party terrorist’ prating continues to lag behind more Conservative conversation.  Fox News’ new show The Five had 362,000 viewers at 5pm among the 25-54 age demographic. Chris Matthews? An embarrassing 211,000. The very-moderate to not-always-so-moderate Shep Smith beats Matthews 503,000 to 201,000. The numbers for ‘all viewers’ are just as enlightening. See the latest from July 3011. ‘Terrorists,’ ‘hostages,’ ‘extremists,’ ‘baby kidnappers,’ and ‘political polygamy’ – not doing much for the Left.

Rep. Hank Johnson on Republican’s “so-called leadership” (video)

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