Charities Cheat: 9/11 Charities Taking Money, Doing Nothing Good

It is incredibly sad to hear about charities that lie, cheat and steal. When you take people’s money and don’t do what you said you would do, you are lying, cheating and stealing. It is especially sad with 9/11/01 charitables, when so many of us gave all that we could give. Worse when some involved are a part of the church community.

Great American Memorial Quilt Scam

$1.5 Billion is estimated to be collected by hundreds of charities vowing to provide aid to the families of victims in some way. Here’s what the AP found:

There are those that spent huge sums on themselves, those that cannot account for the money they received, those that have few results to show for their spending and those that have yet to file required income tax returns. Yet many of the charities continue to raise money in the name of Sept. 11.

One charity raised more than $700,000 for a giant memorial quilt, but there is no quilt. Another raised more than $4 million to help victims, but didn’t account publicly for how it spent all of the money. A third helps support a 9/11 flag sold by the founder’s for-profit company.

There are other charities that can account for practically every penny raised — except that all the money went to pay for fundraising, and not the intended mission.

The study by the Associate Press shows of the 325 charities formed after 9/11, most did what they said they would do, but…about that quilt?

One-third of the money raised went to the charity’s founder and relatives, according to tax records and interviews. The chairman of the board, an 84-year-old Roman Catholic priest, says he didn’t know he was chairman and thought that only small amounts of money had been raised. He says he was unaware that the founder had given himself a $200 per week car allowance, rent reimbursement and a $45,000 payment for an unreported loan…

The $713,000 that Held [Kevin Held, self-employed handyman in Peoria, Arizona, set up the Memorial Quilt project] raised from students, school fundraising campaigns, T-shirt sales and other donations is gone. More than $270,000 of that went to Held and family members, records show.

Held has also served time for misdemeanor theft and battery. Nice guy to give your money too, huh? Held and his wife are currently .moving into a $660,000 home overlooking a lake.

Have you heard of the Garden of Forgiveness at the World Trade Center site? And just an aside, why do we need a Garden of Forgiveness? Who are we forgiving? Terrorists? The Priest receiving the money for the ‘Garden’ said his charity is a success even if there is no ‘Garden.’

There’s a charity for a 9/11 Garden of Forgiveness at the World Trade Center site — only there’s no Garden of Forgiveness. The Rev. Lyndon Harris, who founded the Sacred City nonprofit in 2005, spent the months following 9/11 at ground zero helping victims, relatives and first responders. He said he formed the charity to fulfill “our sacred oath” to build the garden. Tax records show the charity has raised $200,000, and that the Episcopal priest paid himself $126,530 in salary and used another $3,562 for dining expenses between 2005 and 2007.

So discouraging that “religious” persons are involved in these obscenities. This is why we must thoroughly research who we are giving our money to, and that includes when we give to our church. There is much more about the charities, including the quilt. Accusations about Urban Life Ministries and an Assemblies of God minister. Read it here, and thanks to Don Laird at 1389Blog.

Linked by Jimmy Bise at Sundries Shack who has some suggestions for picking your good causes.

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  • Nice. Put em in jail … no, they belong in Washington, DC.

  • Tar and feather them, then put them in jail.

  • Investigate those charities before donating, folks! This is why it is best to stick with established organizations who have a low overhead.

    The little charitable projects work best at the local level where everybody knows each other and you can see what’s going on with the money. For larger issues where you can’t put eyes-on yourself, stick with the big-name organizations

  • This is terrible news, but why would people donate to these obscure charities without investigating and knowing something about them? What a shame. I don’t want to sound crude, but why would the victims of 9/11 need these charities anyway. Didn’t they get millions from the government?

  • For me, charity begins at home. I support local groups that have various raffles, car washes and such. IF ever I’m tempted to donate out right cash to a group, I always do my research first at

  • Breaks my heart… Hang em

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  • Tar and feather them, then hang ’em high.