Carlos Montano Illegal Drives Drunk, Kills Nun, Has Priors, Get Released: Virginia County Wants Fed Information Released

Carlos Montano is a Bolivian illegal alien criminal in this country. He drove drunk..again, and killed a Nun, gravely injured two others. Immigration officials released him on his own recognizance, even thought he was driving without a license and had previous and multiple drunk driving arrests. Yes, he’s out there on the streets somewhere.

Carlos Montano

Jim Khouri at Examiner:

Virginia’s Prince William County is asking for federal records on the 3,000 criminal aliens in their country that have been released after criminal charges. Montano is one of those criminal aliens.

A few months after the nun’s tragic death Judicial Watch sued DHS for documents related to Montano’s case in an effort to answer an important question: Why did federal authorities free him if he had such a serious criminal history?

Earlier this year the agency provided a heavily edited report that nevertheless provides insight into the matter. Essentially, Obama Administration policies giving immigration officials “broad discretion” relating to detention resources allow them to release illegal aliens like Montano.

Today we learned that Barack Obama has devised “new standards” (rules) that will allow him NOT to deport illegal aliens unless they are hardened criminals, and if Liberals are making those decisions (and of course they are), this country is in more trouble than we can possibly comprehend.

The Benedictine Nun Montano killed was Sister Denise Mosier.

Sister Denise Mosier

Obama bypassed Congress with these new standards, which mirror parts of the DREAM Act, which Congress has refused to pass. Our President is instituting backdoor amnesty and hopes he laughs all the way to the polls. UPDATE: Read at DaleyGator of another case of priors, DUI hit and run, even deportings. He came back.

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  • Ran

    Oh, ducky.

    Prayers for Sister Denise.

    What a freaking mess. Prayers for us all.

    Have a good week-end Maggie.

    • Thanks Ran. You have a good weekend too.

  • Ran
    • Thanks for leaving the link at Doug’s Ran. I linked back in my article.

  • Execute him on TV, as an example to other fence-jumping,
    liquor-guzzling, and potentially nun-flattening scumbags like him

    Time is ripe for some law and order in this country- it’s overdue

    • RR, we’ll have no law and order until Obama and friends are gone. I don’t care whether a person is legal or illegal, I hate driving drunk.

  • Given the way the courts have treated him in the past he will get time served.

    • findalis, that’s if they can even find him. On his own “recognizance” I don’t expect him to show up at court.

  • Why didn’t ICE turn him over to local authorities do deal with if they couldn’t’ “afford” to incarcerate him? This type of bogus handling of illegals goes on all the time, I’m afraid.

    • Jim, it might have been ICE that let him go. I don’t know. Surely they would have been the first call. We are a dangerous country – and much more dangerous because of illegals.

  • Stealth immigration deform, eh?

    2012 cannot come fast enough.