California Redistricts Itself Further Into Hell

A “commission” has been given the awesome responsibility of redistricting California’s 53 U.S. House districts. Looks like the GOP is on the losing end, 2 to 5 districts leaving the flock. Dead broke California is being redistricted even further into hell.

Human Events, John Gizzi:

The 11 members of the commission—four Republicans, four Democrats and four “Declined to State” (Californian for “independent”)—would be drawn from a lottery by the state auditor.

So as the commission recently unveiled its final map and the new lines are prepared for a vote by the 11-member panel, former State GOP Chairman Mike Schroeder told HUMAN EVENTS: “The results from the reapportionment process will do significant damage to the Republican Party. We could easily lose two and as many as five congressional seats. And the current lines for legislative districts [also drawn by a similar citizens’ commission] suggest that Democrats may win two-thirds of the seats in the state assembly and state senate—or enough to permit Democrats to enact tax increases under state law. It’s not good at all.”

In Orange Country, seems it is payback time. Republican Ed Royce finds his district cut into three separate districts; even his home has moved.

By far the Republican lawmaker hurt the most by the plan is House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, who was drawn into a Democratic district in Los Angeles County and has no neighboring turf that is competitive in which to jump.  Betting is strong that Dreier, who came to Congress on Ronald Reagan’s coattails back in 1980, will retire.

The Central Valley area and Sacramento will suffer as well. The fires get hotter with each Democrat sent to state or U.S. congresses. For perspective, read Uncoverage’s Why There is No Hope for California #82. Thanks to Daryl Cagle for the graphic 

  • Being relatively new to California (moved here 10 years ago), I’ve long since become disillusioned with state politics. Voting districts were rigged a long time ago-making little to no sense geographically; and politicians continue to re-district in ways that ensure we continue down the path to insolvency.

    If only California could print its own money! That’d at least forestall bankruptcy for as long as enough suckers could be either coerced, or convinced to accept it as a means of exchange.