CAIR to Allen West: Break Ties with Pam Geller and Richard Spencer

The Florida Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR – Hamas-linked CAIR) has asked Congressman Allen West to cut ties to his “Islamophobe” friends, specifically bloggers and authors, Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch. The request came from Mr. Hamze and Mr. Shibly and the story is reported the Broward Palm Beach New Times Blogs. Allen West always gets to the point real, real fast and did so in his reply to Hamze and Shibly.

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller

Tell me you don’t love that!

CAIR slings the “Islamophobe” accusation like a pig slings sty-slop. They hope it sticks somewhere, and it usually does (in the Congressional Black Caucus? the Muslim Student Association? (see the video below). Protest against the Ground Zero mosque and you are an Islamophobe. Grouse about security at airports because the focus is misguided, and you are an Islamophobe. Support legislation to outlaw Shariah Law in your community, and you are an Islamophobe. The bottom line is, CAIR’s agenda is so far at odds with a thinking American’s vision of liberty that we are all Islamophobes. So be it. I guess I’ll be proud to be one.

Geller and Spencer are the public face of the fight against lying, scheming, deceiving Islamists (CAIR qualifies), something we generally refer to as our “counter jihad.” The video below is a news report of the banning of the Muslim Student Union (MSU) at The University of California at Irvine. Read the actual complaint written by the school here – it’s shocking, (and thanks to The Volokh Conspiracy for it). These kids stay ‘hot and bothered,’ but it’s not about campus romance. They are stirred-up all the time, and infidels are always the target. The MSU are Jew haters and have an open allegiance to Hamas. CAIR rushed to their defense.

There is no way to befriend these students or adults like them and still show our love and respect for our country and our traditions, because a red, white and blue American is never acceptable in the eyes of the MSU or CAIR or any of the high-profile organizations with attitudes like CAIR. Counter-jihad is necessary in America today.

Thanks to Camp of the Saints, who gets real about Allen West. About “Nuts?” Vas is das? Read it at Jihad Watch. Read Pam Geller’s comments here. 

Muslim Student Union Banned at University of California Irving (video)

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  • Don Laird


    In the interests of even tempered, civilized academic argument one must refrain from invective, profanity or personal attacks. As such, there are moments when, during discourse and debate, a man’s political position or the substance of his argument relevant to the same is best described by his detractors as “the work wrought from the laborious efforts of a malodorous, muscular waste disposal orifice located in the southern hemisphere of the human body”…..however, there are other occasions, such as this one, when brevity and clarity are the order of the day, hence sometimes… in the case of Nezar Hamze, Hassan Shibly and Gio Benitez…….an asshole is just an asshole.

    Since the tragedy in Norway there has been no end of attempts by mass media to pin the blame for the actions of a mass murderer on men, women and a precious few media agencies who are unswerving and vocal in their pursuit of exposing the stated islamic goal of the destruction of the West and the domination and subjugation of all those “non-believers, infidels” who are unfortunate enough to be left alive after the islamic purges.

    So widespread, so ridiculous, so unfocused, so provocative, so utterly biased, and so viciously defamatory have been these accusations that, in the face of truth, many of these acts of slander and libel, little more than character assassination and incitement to commit murder, have been retracted with reluctant, terse apologies issued.

    (It is worthy of note that these lies levelled by media like the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, New York Times, CBC, CTV, RT, BBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and many others, had they inspired assassination attempts, successful or not, would have resulted in the oft ignored and certainly, underestimated, wrath of the public as well as criminal indictment of both the authors and the senior corporate echelons of the media agency itself. Rightfully, subsequent to conviction and incarceration, a withering course of civil action would be embarked upon to strip corporate assets and leave individuals penniless…..take heed Ms. Heather Mallick)

    Explanation for the attempts of mass media to focus attention in any direction but their own can be found in the following:

    The reality of who, exactly, is largely responsible for the rage that burned within Anders Breivik has been determined to be the mass media notables which include, but are not limited to the following: New York Times, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Los Angeles Times, BBC, CBC, CTV, RT, NBC, CBS, ABC, Euronews and Al Jazeera. These agencies have engaged in a bold program of censorship and manipulation of fact and truth specifically: to further the goals and agenda of global islamic interests.

    A humorous but factual analysis of the culpability of socialist left wing mass media in the Utoya massacre can be found here:

    In light of the multiplicity of deaths wrought from the fires stoked by the duplicitous and deceitful actions of mainstream media one would think that there would have been a cessation of manipulation of fact and an attempt to tell, as the old saying goes, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You would think that in order to tell all this truth these media agencies would start engaging in credible and exhaustive research in their preparation of a story. You would think that they would use credible and reliable sources for opinion, background and analysis’s. You would think that…..but, as illustrated below, you would be very very wrong as, for CBS News, its business as usual.

    Yesterday, a letter was released to the media by CAIR (Council American Islamic Relations, an active supporter and promoter of global terrorism and jihad). The letter, written by Congressman Allen West of Florida, USA, was in response to a request by Nezar Hamze and Hassan Shibly of CAIR, requesting that Congressman West sever relationships with “radical anti-islamists”. The “anti-islamists” as identified by the thuggish Hamze and Shibly are such quintessentially non-violent academics, scholars, writers and bestselling authors as Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Melanie Phillips, Frank Gaffney,Wafa Sultan and many others. As expected, in the face of such an incoherent, baseless and laughably ridiculous request, Congressman West’s response was a single word, “nuts”.

    This seemingly cryptic response immediately set off a feeding frenzy in the Florida area with mass media chasing its tail at the behest of CAIR. The burning question was “exactly what did Congressman West mean by his reply of “Nuts”. Leading the charge in the quest for answers was CBS4 of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The canons of journalistic excellence and integrity at CBS determined that this was a job for the very best of investigative journalists and to that end they cried “havoc” and set loose the journalistic sleuth, the very envy of Woodward and Bernstein………Gio Benitez.

    Gio Benitez, CBS4 cub reporter and socialist eager beaver, fresh off the “lost dog ,cat in a tree” beat, brings a new low to media incompetence with his hack job in reporting the Allen West “Nuts” letter. As witnessed in this shocking revelation found here:

    As I said, it’s business as usual for mainstream media.

    In preparation of this story Gio Benitez availed himself of such credible sources as the promoters of terrorism themselves, CAIR.

    Perhaps if Gio Benitez spent a little less time primping and preening and a little more time engaged in the ever troublesome, ever distracting task of “fact checking’ and “subject research”, he would have found that CAIR (Council American Islamic Relations) is utterly unqualified to speak about “severing relations” with extremist groups. CAIR is now, always has been and always will be, through their close and intimate relationship with Hamas, Hezbollah and the PLO, an ardent supporter of the most virulent and murderous terrorists in the world.

    For further evidence of a love of the mass murder of women and children one needs look no further than Hassan Shibley, the newly appointed administrative head of CAIR, Tampa. Mr. Shibly is a full and active supporter of the mass murder of women and children. Evidence of that in his fanatical support and promotion of Hezbollah. This is a matter of record which is easily verified had Mr. Benitez engaged even the most elementary tenets of sound journalism…..he didn’t…..he won’t……but I did.

    Gio wasn’t quite finished yet. Mr. Benitez decided to refine journalistic hackery to an art form with his further reliance on other supporters of terrorism to provide comment on all things ‘radical”

    On a swelling of moving music found here:

    Gio Benitez turned, once again, to the ranks of lovers of all things terroristic and selected none other than Nezar Hamze of CAIR Florida.

    With respect to thoughtful and intelligent academic discourse and debate Nezar Hamze brings to the forum the intellectual equivalent of circus sideshow buffoonery as he tries to navigate, but fails miserably, his own remarkably shallow river of fact, truth and reality. Mr.Hamze whines about the refusal of Congressman West’s refusal to meet with CAIR and “to engage in dialogue and stop the schoolboy insults”.

    Well, had Gio Benitez taken a page from the book of “Journalism 101” he would have stumbled on this little gem of an exchange between Nezar Hamze and Congressman West seen here:

    In this video, that is the back of Nezar Hamze’s head seen asking Congressman Allen West questions.

    After watching this little fiasco one realizes Nezar Hamze is no student of history. His questions range from the patently ridiculous “show me where in the koran is the section on “attack America”….to the melodramatic whining of “I’m ashamed to be here with all of these people when you attack the koran”………Here is Nezar Hamze having his manipulative little charade destroyed in front of him and his intellectually insufficient ass, bruised and bloodied, handed to him on a platter by Allen West who, in so doing, did it with little more than truth and the contents of the koran itself.

    The reality, conveniently ignored by Gio Benitez and CBS4, is that Congressman West has repeatedly given CAIR and Nezar Hamze the opportunity for public debate they so craved. But one has to sympathize with the Congressman as, so painfully illustrated, there is little entertainment or honour in having a battle of wits with unarmed men.

    It is what it is… exercise in futility and an embarrassment to the forum of intelligent debate and discourse.

    I’m done here………………………….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    “Sorry my dear but where are the clowns?….Quick send in the clowns……Don’t bother, they’re here”

  • Barb

    Whatever you think of Geller, etc. it is a FACT that the Nation of Islam does not ALLOW for other beliefs. Theirs is a Totalitarian state. Not “just” another religion. READ. It oppresses women and believes we are all “infidels” if we do not subscribe – that is the ANTITHESIS of everything America stands for.

    • Desiree


      You are absolutely correct. These people are out to destroy Christians and every other religious belief except their own. They will not be happy until the flag of ISLAM flies at the WHITE HOUSE!!