Bush’s Fault Explained: Magnitude 8+ Heading to Liberal Land November 2012

Breaking news that Barack Obama has been despondent since the east coast earthquake. The president’s golf score has been in the 120’s, even with a plethora of mulligans and Taylor Made’s latest mega drivers, neither the Burner or the Quad, helped his game. Seismologists have revealed the cause of the earthquake that had it’s epicenter in Mineral, Virginia, and was felt violently in Washington, D.C., ranging up through New York and Rhode Island, causing his score on the links to rise from the usual 100 to 120 and above. From USGS reports, the quaking on the east coast first started during the Bush-era Democrat-controlled Congress, but tremors were mild, barely appearing on the Richter scale. Nevertheless, the USGS was alarmed about a fault line in the northern section of our eastern coast, and consulted Senator Chuck Schumer with their findings. When the scientists told Schumer the fault would be named the Congressional Fault Line, the Senator was livid. Threats were issued, and at his insistance, the fault would be know as Bush’s Fault. There begins the rest of the story.

The new president was sworn in. There was the $700 Billion Stimulus, followed by ObamaCare and a lawless Democrat-controlled House and Senate in power. The TEA Party stood in peaceful protest on the steps of the Capitol in huge numbers. Nevertheless, Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional Black Congress strode through the crowd of protesters in front of the Capitol, chins-up, heads thrown back, with Pelosi bearing the gigantic gavel of Liberal power in her hands. Once inside The People’s House, one strike of that wicked instrument, known as the Gavel of Progressive Deception, and Bush’s Fault awakened…still just a mild warning, hardly noticeable to the people, but the USGS saw it and were alarmed.

Nancy Pelosi and Capitol Gang

A year and a half later the November 2010 elections were settled, and Bush’s Fault calmed and dozed, but the President had fallen into the habit of using the fault line to his advantage: all problems facing America were Bush’s fault. The “fault line” had served Obama well. The Fault was awakening.

Unemployment continued in a monumental rise. There were no jobs and no strategy to create jobs. Homes across the country remained worthless, and often abandoned. America’s homeowners had turned into renters. These were bleak days in America.

So it went for another year and a half. By early summer 2011 the debt was unsustainable and growing minute-by-minute. The debt-deal reached was unsatisfactory to both sides of the aisle. Standard and Poors downgraded the credit of the U.S. and the stock market plunged. The American people were left bereft. The president skipped town and left Executive Orders.

On Martha’s Vineyard, golf and ice cream were good for Barack. Jobs could wait until September, but Bush’s Fault would be silent no longer and a tony vaca was just the time to send a message. Bush’s Fault erupted in those eastern, Liberal, Progressive areas and sent the message loud and clear: We know who you are. We know what you are. Today, the entire east coast is petrified that Obama’s continual blaming of George Bush for the misery of the people is no longer working. The earth’s shaking has brewed a massive hurricane heading toward Liberal-Land, but the worst is yet to happen, as the USGS is predicting a quake along the Bush Fault in the strength of at least an 8 magnitude in November 2012.

Thanks to Bunkerville for a heads-up on the map, and thank you to brilliant cartoonist, Gary Varvel and the IndyStar.

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Maggie … I think you have covered the last two and a half years just about right. That crack in Washington, named Bush’s fault … very good perception on your part. And yes, coming in 2012 it might be a 10+ magnitude. The bigger the better.

    • Carl, wouldn’t a 10+ be fabulous! One thing we must concentrate on is the Senate, no matter what happens with the presidency (although I feel good about it), have to have the Senate with enough majority to override the RINOs.

  • Outstanding Maggie.

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