Big Oil: What it Pays America

The Obama administration has crippled oil exploration and demonized those taking the risk to find, capture and get oil products to the marketplace, and the Left can’t get enough of breaking the backs of energy producers.

$86 Million Per Day Paid to U.S. Government from Oil and Gas Industry

The $470 Billion the oil and natural gas industry contributed to the U.s. economy is apparently insignificant. Not insignificant is the $700 Billion stimulus that created no jobs.

The $176 Billion paid to 3.1 million U.S. employees is apparently insignificant.

The average $86 Million PER DAY paid in government taxes and royalties is apparently insignificant.

The estimated 190,000 new jobs that can be created by resuming drilling in the Gulf area – apparently insignificant.

Read all the details, see more stats, at Big Government. Jason Bradley has an enlightening article, putting the dollars-paid to the face of Big Oil.