Barack Obama: Documentation and Reminders Video

This is the first time I’ve seen this video. It has a lot of documentation and reminders. We know we can’t remember every egregious thing about Barack Obama and those who surround and protect him. One man interviewed said Obama was an “empty suit.” Don’t we know it now! Most of us knew it then. Note that the news clips in the first few minutes of the video, are reporting new (at that time) astounding information about the man that would-be president, and they clearly believed voters would consider him dangerous and would never support him. In the months that followed, we seldom heard any of it in the main stream media. The laugh is on them and us, I guess.

Find more documentation and reminders here (see the tab under my banner “Elections 2012” and bookmark them as we head toward November 2012:

Useful stats for 2012 Elections

Big Oil: What it Pays America

Barack Obama: Who He Was and Is (video)

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  • That video says it all. Thanks for posting it.

  • Funny how we forget and when reminded… we can now see the full picture.. very scary…