Barack and Michelle Leave White House 2 Hours Apart, Take Separate Taxpayer Paid Flight to Martha’s Vineyard

The cost to taxpayers is said to be about $100,000 for the First Couple to travel separately from the same place to the same destination,only two to four hours apart (reports differ). Unbelievable that Obama’s women can’t cool their heels and travel with their guy…show a little respect for the hardworking peons who crowned them, or certainly, he could have gathered his golf gear more quickly and climbed aboard their flight. What is wrong with these people? As much as he is out-and-about, you have to wonder if they can stand being in the room for more than two hours at a time.

Obama, Sasha and Malia visit Bunch of Grapes Bookstore

Martha’s Vineyard streets are shutdown. The Obama girls went into a bookstore with their Dad. The press pool wasn’t allowed anywhere near. Here’s at least a part of the motorcade to take the girls shopping. He hit the golf course immediately after dropping Malia and Sasha off with their mother. I count 9 SUVs – can’t see what’s behind the 9th. Source: Daily Mail

The Lonely Conservative nailed it:

It isn’t so much that they’re tone deaf, they just don’t care. They see themselves as part of the elite ruling class who deserve the best of things in life. This at the same time they vilify those who have worked hard, made wise investments and have earned enough wealth to afford such luxuries.

Martha's Vineyard Motorcade

The Dow closed down about another 173 points as he landed.

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  • High crimes and misdemeanors … taking two different planes should be a misdemeanor. I think that is grounds for impeachment. The royal family … not the first family.

    • Hi Carl, I expect then to live it up double, because they likely know they are on their way out. There are so many grounds for impeachment it makes my head swim.

  • Will there be a separate flight for the dog?

    • The dog flew with the emperor.

  • When he leaves DC for the last time in Jan. 2013 the taxpayers of the US should hand him and his wife a bill for their extravagance. Failure to pay will mean garnishing of wages, pensions, etc…

    • findalis, instead we will continue with security, including for two very young girls, for many, many years.

  • Hard to blame them if they can get away with it, probably can’t stand each other lol

    • That’s my assumption, RR.

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  • Thanks for the link, Maggie. I guess only the ruling class are welcome to the fruits of our labors. Sheesh!

    • LC: There are so many things we need to be ready to change when the new President and new Congress gets underway. We will never stop their “goodies” but there are a lot of things we can change.

  • Who could stand to look at “horseface” for two hours? Maybe he has a boyfriend to take her place on those long trips. Could be courtesy of Bawney Fwanks, ya reckon?

    • Ticker, there ARE rumors.

  • Julie

    Sounds like the First Lady doesn’t want to be in the same space as Obama. Could the rumors have substance that she is separating herself from this Marriage?