Amilya Antonetti: Obama Apology and Plan Needed

I watched this interview of Amilya Antonetti interviewing with Neil Cavuto. The lady is dynamite. She is the owner of AMA Productions, a ‘small business.’ Just another reminder that the Chamber of Commerce supporting the debt deal was ill-advised. The CC thought passing the limp-wristed legislation would calm markets. Any small business owner can do the math and know that is insanity, a willful suspension of common and good sense. Cavuto should hire Amilya Antonetti. Amilya is a true entrepreneur. If you are looking for business opportunities, or that one really, really good idea, just do a search of her name.

Amilya Antonetti

Amilya Antonetti with Neil Cavuto (video)

  • Lew

    Fantastic interview! This the the sort of thing we need to hear from our candidates and elected officials. Great.