American Kids Can’t Do Math – Can’t Pass Testing: Obama Grants Waivers

How sick is this? And it has the President’s blessing. Teachers are screaming because their students cannot pass the mandatory testing required by the No Child Left Behind Act. Waivers are planned for all 50 states if requested. Some 82% of the Nation’s public schools are in jeopardy of being labeled failures. The problem is math. The kids can’t do math. How hard is the math we are asking them to teach and learn? No Child Left Behind became law in 2001, setting a deadline of achieving math and reading skills by 2014. Thirteen years, and our teachers cannot figure out how to get the job done. Are our students really so stupid?


American Kids Can't Do Math!

The goal of the No Child Left Behind law is to have every student proficient in math and reading by 2014. States have been required to bring more students up to the math and reading standards each year, based on tests that usually take place each spring. The step-by-step ramping up of the 9-year-old law has caused heartburn in states and most school districts, because more and more schools are labeled as failures as too few of their students meet testing goals…

Duncan has warned that 82 percent of U.S. schools could be labeled failures next year if No Child Left Behind is not changed. Education experts have questioned that estimate, but state officials report a growing number of schools facing sanctions under the law. Source: CNS News

No Child Left Behind was passed by Congress, but the waiver plan will be granted by School Czar Arne Duncan, without the approval of Congress. Just what is it that we need a Congress for?

Critics say No Child Left Behind has never been fully funded by either Democrat or Republican congresses. How does more money equate to better math scores? What about the Billions spent since 2001? Anyone? The Other McCain has a similar story – guess who might be grading your kids college papers.