Allen West Birthday Message to Obama

Congressman Allen West released this message to Barack Obama on Obama’s 50th birthday:

Allen West

“Happy 50th Birthday Mr. President! While surprises are for birthdays, it is no surprise to the American people that your failed economic policies –- from TARP to your health care bill–- have resulted in disaster for our economy. Since taking office, unemployment has remained at or near 9 percent for 28 months, America has added $3.4 trillion in debt in 29 months — the equivalent of about $4 billion per day — we have an anemic housing market with record foreclosures, and an average price of nearly $4 for a gallon of gas. Even your budget did not receive one single vote in the United States Senate — and the icing on the cake –- a stock market slide of nearly 800 points in the last 5 days.

While it may be hard to hear the American people’s frustration over the pop of the champagne corks and R&B bands at your $30,000/person birthday party, the citizens of this nation are suffering under your failed leadership. The best present you can give the American people will be for you and your failed economic policies to be defeated in November of 2012.” Thanks to Fox Nation

Don’t miss the RNC’s birthday message, a list of 50 things for Obama to ponder on his 50th birthday.

  • Fedup 2

    Wonderful birthday card Congressman West!!! It’s a shame you aren’t running against him in Nov.2012 !! You’d be a shue in!!! At least the American people would show and have a lot of respect for you!! Unlike someone else I won’t name!!

  • Allen West .. a man who’s not afraid to say what he thinks. Way to go.

  • Right on, brother

  • Deputy Duffy

    West and DeMint ! What a team! C’mon guys…Help us out of he11 here.

  • Don Laird

    Never before, in the history of the greatest republic in the world, the United States of America, has there been a president who has done everything in his power to put America on her knees, with a knife to her throat, in the face of her enemies.

    Hussein Obamas’ actions, policies and utter contempt for the United are the very definition and manifestation of the words treason, sedition and collaboration.

    His removal from the Oval Office can not come a moment too soon.

    The American people should look to the stellar credentials of a former soldier and patriot, Allen West, as the next leader of a great nation.

    If America stands one chance of getting back up on her feet it will be through the stewardship of Allen West who will grab her by the scruff of her neck and stand her up.

    The American people have no other choice….

    • A. Gabe

      The name Hussein Obama says it all; we have a muzzie in the White House and we had beter be praying to God for help. This doink of a dude has ruined us–he and all his doink cronies. God bless you, Allen West to be black yourself and yet have the smarts and wisdom to see the truth! Why are you not running for prez?

  • I agree with Duffy. Demint, West sounds like a winning 2012 team.

  • He is looking like a strong VP in 2012.

  • Ronald Reagan made mistakes while President. He regretted it. Allan West made a mistake last week. I give him the benefit of the doubt and still like what I hear.

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  • Luke

    Again this proves that when a new president is voted it most likely voted because of his smart talking during the campaign.

    Decisions about the future of the country should be taken by professionals ONLY.

    A group of economists would debate about any next move and decide the best solution.

    It not only that the decisions where bad, it how they where MADE…