Al Sharpton Phillip Dennis: Only Good Thing to Come Out of Stimulus is TEA Party

Dallas TEA Party founder Phillip Dennis chats with Al Sharpton. Dennis is profoundly polite considering the Sharpton-attitude of assault. Sweet-Al is convinced the TEA Party will do harm to the Republican party. Tsk tsk. Dennis is on about 1:51-in. He is well-informed and well-spoken. “The only good thing to come out of the Stimulus was the TEA Party,” says Dennis. Sharpton retreats and comes back with “threatening Grandma.” Al is incensed that Republicans see it necessary to reform Social Security – stealing the people’s retirement. Dennis tells Sharpton, what Sharpton already knows: no one already on Social Security will be affected. Dennis mentions Medicare, and Al is apoplectic. He doesn’t want to talk about Medicare, which Obama gutted by $500 Billion.

Phillip Dennis

Thanks to Mediate for the video.

Al Sharpton and Phillip Dennis (video)

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