Air Force Ignores FOIA: Judicial Watch FOIA on Michelle Obama’s Africa Trip

I am astonished at the many who ignore Freedom of Information Act requests. This happens at all levels of our government. The FOIA gives citizens the right to know, yet our public servants and now our military, often thumbs their noses. Judicial Watch has requested certain documents on the First Lady’s recent trip to Africa. Actually, Judicial Watch has had to sue for the information. The U.S. Air Force received the request on July 6, 2011 and were tasked with responding within 20 days. So far, there has been no response at all.

Michelle Obama, Marian Robinson, Malia, Sasha and a niece and nephew on Safari

The request asked for:

  – Any and all records concerning mission taskings of First Lady Michelle Obama’s June 21-27, 2011 trip to South Africa and Botswana.

-Any and all records of concerning transportation costs for Mrs. Obama’s June 21-27 trip to South Africa and Botswana.

– Any and all passenger manifests (DD-2131) for Mrs. Obama’s June 21-27, 2011 trip to South Africa and Botswana.

Eyebrows raised when the Obama daughters, Michelle’s mother, niece and nephew went along on this trip to encourage “youth leadership, education, health and wellness” in Southern Africa.

Keith Koffler:

The first lady brought along her mother, her daughters and two of their cousins – the children of her brother Craig Robinson.

“A visit to South Africa is important for them as a family,” said a spokeswoman for the U.S. embassy in South Africa prior to the trip.

Air travel alone is estimated at $430,000. Add another $200,000 if a military air cargo plane also accompanied the family (as typically happens).

Other costs, such as Secret Service protection, the care and feeding of staff, and pre-trip advance work done by administration officials in Africa, cannot be determined without examining records.

“How much did the American people spend to send the First Lady on a family outing in Africa? That’s what we want to know,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “On the surface, the trip seems to have been totally unnecessary and was as much an excuse for the Obama family to go on a safari as it was a mission intended to advance the nation’s business in Africa.” Judicial Watch

You may remember that FOIAs revealed the appalling abuse of military aircraft for then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). In a two-year period she spent $2.1 Million for in-flight expenses. She toted family and friends all over the world. Her liquor and wine bill was staggering. Her children, grandchildren and husband traveled from Washington, D.C. to their California home without her.

We have the lawful right to issue FOIAs. I would like to know why those being petitioned have the right to ignore the request without consequences? We are a country which talks about right and wrong, and the punishment the wrong will receive, but in fact, when it comes to politicians, we are a country which yawns and moves on. We are no longer a nation of laws.

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  • The Obama’s are going to take all they can until we toss them out. Talk about livin’ large.

  • The Obamas remind me of every poor family that wins the lottery. They will spend, spend, spend until the money runs out. Barack does this with the stimulus and other projects, Michelle does this with her spending sprees.

    Their spending will stop when they are out of office.

  • Findalis … you’re right. But in the mean time …

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    Even if we got it the media would cover for the Obama’s again like always.

  • Nothing new. I and others have been trying to determine what became of the 70 people that Nappy brought to Homeland insecurity, what are their salaries, what jobs were they given and what level of jobs . That has been ongoing for two years and by folks who know Washington and how to get around these things, or did know. It seems that this administration has put up a wall around information instead of on the boarder where it is actually needed.

  • Too bad they weren’t eaten by the Lions, Tigers and Bears – Oh my!
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    How about we bury pigs around where the Mosque is going to be built in NY.

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    What? No pith helmets?

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