About Rick Perry and…those questions

I love to hear Rick Perry speak, I’m glad he has entered the race for the presidency, and I want to believe that Perry is that Conservative with a Capital C, as my friend G. M. Roper referred to him on Facebook. But what about signing the DREAM Act into law in Texas and what about the Trans Texas Corridor – the gigantic 6 -lane, 80 mile-an-hour highway, allowing trucks to pass the Texas-Mexico border without stopping, and travel all the way to Oklahoma or beyond? And what is up with the road being leased to a Spanish company for 50 years?

Rick Perry

Some have even more questions. A Texas blogger has gone to great detail to discuss many issues surrounding Perry that you may not even know exist.

The article covers 17 questions being pondered around the blogosphere: the Gardisil controversy, serving as Al Gore’s campaign manager, education in Texas (lots of detail here), turning down stimulus funds, then asking for federal disaster aid for wildfires; raising taxes, presiding over a high number of executions and the execution of a high-profile Mexican;  No. 15 on the list…is Perry “squishy on immigration?” The question of the Bilderberg conference attendance and violation of the Logan Act and how about Texas’ “abysmal rankings” on other lists, where they end up on the wrong end of the ranking?

While the Pesky Truth is giving an opinion, I believe you will be impressed with the even-handed way the information is presented. Read it all at Pesky Truth. You may agree or not. If you have time, come back here and let me know what you think in comments. Many thanks to Bookworm Room and Andrea Shea King, The Radio Patriot, who brought this analysis of Perry to my attention (visit Andrea’s blogtalk radio website).

Read Reluctant-Pundit’s Rick Perry and the 14 Myths for more information.

Read the transcript of Rick Perry’s announcement speech or watch the video here.

Read 14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be a Really, Really Bad President. Thanks to AD Curtis

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  • I’m not a fan of Rick Perry Maggie. He is a big government solution politician. He might have changed his party but he still has lots of big government leanings. Perry is a social conservative and that’s pretty much it. I actually like Mitt Romney better and I’m not one of his biggest fans. The establishment loves both. The Democrats love both. The person we should be looking at is the one that is being attack by the left and the MSM. These are in my opinion the true conservatives, the ones they really fear. Michele Bachmann is one they definitely fear because is does believe in small government and a free market system. She does believe in individual liberties and rejects the collective mindset of the left. And with her you know for sure if given the opportunity she WILL repeal ObamaCare. There is a stark difference between her and the establishment. Anyone Nancy Pelosi hates enough to campaign against is alright in my book.

    • Well put, Mr C

    • I have to ask, John. Where do you get the idea that Governor Perry is a big government politician? I have seen nothing to warrant that claim.

      • Ran

        Perry’s crony-capitalist tendencies are discussed at length in the Wall Street Journal.

        For another, a few years ago he agreed with Texas health officials to force the immunization of every kid – girls, if memory serves, against HPV. First time I’d heard of him.

        Basically he was a statist when statism was cool, and today he’s morphed into something closer to small-government Tea.

        Like Bush, like RINOmney, Rick ain’t evil – but squishie is as squishie does. He will have to be watched closely. ‘Tswhy he isn’t my Alpha choice at this stage.

        • I think you would do well to do a little research on the claims you have made about Governor Perry. You may find he is not as squishy as you think.

    • Hi John, I just can’t get a good feeling about Romney. I’m still concerned about Perry and the Texas DREAM Act. There is only one reason for him to do what he did and that’s to get votes. I believe everything Michele Bachmann believes, but doubt she can be the nominee. I’m far, far from dismissing her though, she is solid in her small government stance. My gut feel is, America is still not ready for a female president.

  • Ran

    Ditto what JC said, amen, all that. Perry is also pro 2A… but God ‘n Guns ain’t enough. Liberty depends upon government’s restraint, not power. Last thing we need is another Texas RINO.

  • Maggie, one should not forget that Ronald Reagan also was a Democrat far more years than he was a Republican. Seems both had enough sense to change Parties.

    The criticism of rankings in education is pretty much flawed. My grandchildren attend Texas schools, all which are nearly new by the way, and their capabilities are much above those of kids in Georgia or North Carolina. I watch new school being build on what seemed every corner and that should tell you something. Education is important to Gov.Perry. The downgrade of scores come from those areas of the State where English is basically a second language in schools. Parents do not speak English period and the kids barely speak English. Test are not given in Spanish, nor should they be, so scores drop dramatically in those areas. That covers most of the South part of Texas by the way. The northern Texas scores are higher but there are exceptions such as South Dallas for example where Spanish and Ebonics is the primary language.
    Some claim he cut educational spending, well yes he did but the State of Texas does not provide the majority of school funding.

    Some years ago school districts filed suit against the State because of the funding being unequal. Large towns got the bulk of the dollars and small towns were shorted. They won and were able to form Independent School Distrists which have taxing power and that is where the money for schools, salaries(for the most part) comes from.

    Much of the 6% cut, and that is over two years since Texas budget is set for two years not for just one, comes from higher learning not K-12 education funds.

    So it pays to get the facts before listening to the “detractors” aka Dems.

    Turning down Stumbulus Funds and asking for Emergency funds for the fire damage is a whole different ball game but the Dems will try to spin it to suit them. Emergency funds are set aside in each budget each year, Stumbulus Funding is not. It’s real simple when you have the real facts, isn’t it.

    Of course they will hit him on the low rankings of people without health insurance. Again that comes down to the number of people who are not citizens and are treated in the ER’s on a daily basis. Hospiotals in Texas are going broke because they are required to treat illegals. Parkland Hospital in Dallas maternity cost for illegals have put them in the red for a number of years. The average patient in Parkland in maternity wards is 25 years old, married and giving birth to her second child. She is also an illegal immigrant. By law, pregnant women cannot be denied medical care based on their immigration status or ability to pay. So it pays to get the facts on that subject as well. Stats for hospitals in border cities is much higher.

    On immigration: Actually Texas had one of the toughest immigration bills written prior to Arizona’s bill but unfortunately The Speaker of the House refused to allow it to even come to the floor for debate. That went on for a number of years. I critized Perry for not being able to control his own Party but the story was much deeper than what the media put forth. Texas passed the law this year.

    On the so called Dream Act: In 2001, Perry signed the Texas DREAM Act, which allows in-state tuition for students who have lived in Texas for three years and either have obtained a GED or graduated from the state’s public or accredited private schools. The state legislature had passed the law with bipartisan support. It is totally different from Obamas Amesty Dream Act in that it does not grant citizenship to those students unless they come through the proper channels. Dems like to spin it as do some of the hardcore farright Tea Party folks. Facts dispute their spin once again.

    On executions. Texas has never played games when it comes to violent lawbreakers. They carry out what the Judge and Jury says and the delay game was shortened by law in the 30’s and again in the 60’s. Executions however have decreased during Perry’s term as Governor, a fact that detractors fail to show. The reason or one is that the backlog of death row inmates has been reduced, not by execution but by removing a large majority from death row.

    In 2005, the law was changed so that capital offenders could be given life (without parole) rather than the death penalty. This was on Perry’s watch but his detractors don’t mention it now do they. He like most Texas Governors do not intervene in the carrying out of the death penalty unless the Court does. It’s called separation of powers for those who forget constitutional law. And of course detractors fail to mention this when they say Perry didn’t intervene. Neither did the Court and there was ample time for the Court to offer a stay or a reversal. It did neither. The sentence was carried out according to law, not the whims of the detractors.

    I was a harsh critic of Perry the entire time he was in office when he needed it. I am an equal opportunity butt kicker so to speak and don’t care if you ride on an elephant or a donkey, wrong is wrong and right is right and the law needs to be followed until it is changed by due process. When he failed to conrol his own party, I was on his case both in blogs and in direct contract with his office. I was not popular to say the least.

    I do however think that he is the individual with the best chance to defeat Obama in 2012. Romney will not carry the strong conservative vote nor will he carry the majority of the independent vote. Perry can carry both with perhaps a small portion of the ” extreme farright” who would even take exception to Jesus on many issues.

    I like Bachmann very much and was also a strong supporter of Cains until this weekend. He said little of substance in the debates, a lot of speechifying but few solid ideas. Actually none of them put forth a lot of solid ideas but I know Perry’s stand. If he gets the nomination I will certainly be a strong supporter and as it looks today, he will defeat Romney and Bachmann. Maybe Bachman for NP, but I doubt it seriously. Dream tickets rarely win. Bolton comes to mind as a VP for Perry.

    That’s my take. Sorry if I rambled too much.

    • Ticker, please no apologies for rambling (which you did not). Blog comments are for conversation, short or long. Your comment is excellent, thoughtful and informed. I hope you do not mind that I went in and did some paragraphing to make it easier to read. It’s too good to miss and I appreciate your taking the time to share these thoughts with my readers.

      I’m still put off on the in-state college tuition, because it acknowledges the illegal status of Texas residents. The fact that we have gotten to this place in the U.S. is intolerable, but tolerate it, we find we are forced to do.

      I have not decided who I will support, but everyone is far, far, far better than Obama. Romney is at the bottom of my list. Bachmann is at the top, and we’ll see what happens, but I feel she will not be the nominee. I really like Bolton for so many reason and I could support him, although socially we are not on the same wave link. I understand that one candidate will not have it all – with the exception of Bachmann, who does embody all the values and principles and positions that I believe in.

      Again, thanks for taking the time to leave this insightful information here.

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  • Ticker said it far more eloquently than I. Rick Perry isn’t perfect but he is no RINO, he is NOT a big statist, He cannot lease a public road to Mexico or to a Mexican Corporation. I don’t know where that came from. The Trans Texas Corridor was to have been both north south and east west. The huge infrastructure buildup is what Texas will need to grow. It is not government, it is roads. It really is a non-issue anyway and has been dropped.

    • I think a Spanish -not Mexican- toll road builder/operator was leasing the right-of-way from the state to build and operate the corridor

    • GM, yes it was a 50-year lease to a huge Spanish company. Perry was doing it. The good citizens of Texas stopped it, and they are still holding their breaths that it will no resurrect.

  • Looks like this boy has some ‘splainin to do before he peels me off of Bachmann!

    • RR, Bachmann is the real deal. She holds to every position I hold to. There is nothing on which I disagree with her.

  • After reading this, I decided to do some fact checking. I spent approximately 3 hours and basically debunked the 14 facts about Rick Perry. Rather than reprint it here, you can check it out on my latest post.

    • Thanks Aewl, I read and linked.

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  • I just finished reading the post on Pesky Truth and it just confirmed what I already suspected. The campaign to smear Rick Perry has built up a full head of steam, but that doesn’t mean their claims are all true. I haven’t decided who I will support, but I am leaning in the direction of Perry, and nothing I have heard or read thus far is enough to change that leaning.

    • LD, my only real concern is the Texas DREAM Act. No way I believe Perry just wanted to be “fair.” Having said that, I have not dismissed Perry. So far I like everything I’ve heard him say, and I look forward to him talking about the DREAM Act.

      • The Dream Act as I explained earlier is NOT the same as the one Obama wants. The in-state tuition has made little impact on the number of Hispanics, legal or illegal who took advantage of the program.
        The program takers make up One percent of all students of higher education. Universities or other schools such as Community colleges are not forced to take these students. They must pass the same requirements as other students do.

        ****Facts and numbers are according to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

        • Ticker, I’m not sure the impact in Texas of signing the DREAM Act is relevant, because at a National level it will be disasterous. Illegal is illegal. The sooner we get to that bottom line, the more secure this country will be from both a fiscal and national security standpoint.

  • A big Government Perry will still be a piker compared to what has happened the last four years. He is electable. But yes there are some questions to be answered.

    • Randy, I am just pleased that we have some excellent choices, unlike last time around, although Santorum was there last time. I would love to see a Santorum-Bachmann or Bachmann-Santorum team. No gonna happen though.

  • Maggie … great minds do think alike. You have picked my two choices for the GOP ticket. To me it doesn’t matter who’s on top.

    Let’s wait and see … it just might happen.

  • Maggie … have you read the speech Perry gave, praising the Muslim faith? It’s up on The Texas Fred Blog. It opened my eyes.

    • Carl, I have not. I’ll go to Fred’s now, and thanks!

    • Carl, I just posted on this. It gives a sense of who Aga Khan is. I didn’t realize that this different sect of Shia is not considered “real” Islam. Thanks again for the tip.

  • Dave

    Ronald Reagan said he was a small government guy but still expanded the federal government. The military liked him because he was in favor of more dollars for the military budget. Most of us liked him because he had a sense of humor — remember “The bombs start falling. . .”

    Homeland Defense studies show that Americans forget the basics of a topic in 30 days. In 60 days they remember barely remember that topic and in 90 days have completely forgotten about it. The Trans Texas Corridor is one example.

    The Trans Texas Corridor has been called many names. In the late 1980s and 1990s it had different names one of which was the NAFTA Superhighway. In the 80s and 90s “nuts” warned Americans about the proposed highway and everyone laughed. When construction started (managed by a Spanish firm) is started the pot simmering which caused Texans to request that the construction be stopped. Perry said he stopped the construction. But if you talk with truckers, they say that the Corridor is still being built. If you look from the air it appears that there is more concrete than when it was stopped by Perry. From all outward appearances the construction was stopped to appease the voters and then started again.

    Pesky Truth explained some things, but there needs to be more in-depth thinking. The Texas Dream Act was an abomination. Why should any illegal be admitted to a Texas school? My Texas friends wanted to tar and feather their representatives for voting for that bill. It isn’t a matter of being fair to illegals it is a matter of being responsible to Texans. If Perry were not a RINO and really believed in proper immigration he would have vetoed that bill and made the jokers in Austin show their hands.

    Perry is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • I would suggest reading the full Perry’s speech he gave:
    Perry and his statement on Open Borders:
    That is why it is wrong, and inherently detrimental to our relationship with Mexico for the U.S. Congress to pursue a protectionist policy that forbids Mexican trucks from U.S. roadways. It is bad public policy, and it violates the terms of the NAFTA agreement we agreed to. Mexican trucks that meet our safety standards should be given the same access to U.S. roads as our Canadian neighbors to the north.

    President Fox’s vision for an open border is a vision I embrace, as long as we demonstrate the will to address the obstacles to it. An open border means poverty has given way to opportunity, and Mexico’s citizens do not feel compelled to cross the border to find that opportunity. Full Speech


  • Joel
  • Dave

    The easiest way to fulfill Bunkerville’s open border vision is for our clowns in DC to declare war on Mexico. That way we will have open boarders, secure means of transportation and will pump billions of US dollars into Old Mexico.

    The vast majority of Mexican trucks can’t meet US safety standards. Their drivers don’t follow our rest rules and don’t follow our maximum load limits. This issue won’t go away and Mexican buses and trucks safety issues such as brake failures, drivers falling asleep and so on continually kill US citizens. This problem is not caused by poverty and opportunity won’t clear it up.

    If you don’t believe me about the Mexican trucks, stop by a truck stop and buy several truckers lunch. Ask them their opinion of the Mexican drivers and vehicles.