Aaron Vaughn Navy SEAL: Dad Billy Vaughn – Sheep in High Places May Have Put SEALs in Danger

SEAL Team 6 member, Aaron Vaughn, died in the helicopter crash in Afghanistan, brought down by the Taliban killing, 17 U.S. Navy SEALs and other elite Military personnel. In the video below his parents, Billy and Karen Vaughn, and Aaron’s wife Kimberly Vaughn pay tribute to him. Billy Vaughn says Aaron explained to him the three kinds of people in this world, some who are sheep, and said “sheep in high places” may have harmed SEAL Team 6 by revealing their identification after the raid and death of Osama bin Laden.

Aaron Vaughn

Billy Vaughn:

There are wolves out there and Aaron explained it to me.  And you know it’s really strange Matt, that ninety some odd days ago SEAL Team Six had a big victory and possibly sheep in high places said things that made many of us very uncomfortable. And now, some ninety some odd days later, SEAL Team Six has suffered a terrible tragedy.

Aaron’s mother Karen Vaughn spoke eloquently, and heartbreakingly about him – perhaps the way only a mother can speak, and spoke of the irony of this young hero and the only way she is able to tell the world about what he has done for his country. When asked to describe her son, she said:

Humility, nobility and the way he loved God, how important his faith was to him. Only in his death can we celebrate what he did in his life.

Aaron left behind his wife Kimberly and two small children, 2-years old and 2-months old:

Vaughn “wouldn’t want to leave this Earth any other way than how he did,” his wife, Kimberly Vaughn, told CNN. “He loved his job,” she said. “There was no way — even if you could tell him that this would have happened, he would have done it anyway. All those men are like that. They’re selfless.” Source: USA Today

When asked what was the one thing she wanted their kids to learn from their father, she answered his love. “They will take away his love for Christ. They will take away his dream and his love for this country.”

She also told CNN that her husband was a “warrior for Christ…” Source: Christian Post

Aaron’s grandmother, Geneva Vaughn, spoke of her 6-foot-4, 200 pound grandson:

…just all muscle,  — he was a high school football star who loved to hunt near his home in northwest Tennessee.

He wanted to be a SEAL from the time he was 10 or 12 years old,” his grandmother said Sunday. “He always had a love of God and his country. He’s always been a patriot.” Source (see USA Today link above)

This week, the Muslim Brotherhood connections to the White House have been revealed and there are questions and possibilities that should not be ignored about how the Taliban targeted Aaron’s helicopter, with firepower coming from several locations.  Read that story here, along with more at Gulag Bound. We don’t know the truth, but we do know the Muslim Brotherhood. Gulag Bound also has a story about Aaron Vaughn, and I thank them for the video.

Billy, Karen Vaughn, Kimberly Vaughn on the death of Navy SEAL Team 6 Member, Aaron Vaughn (video)

Posted by Maggie @ Maggie’s Notebook

  • Very sad indeed! I do wonder what really happened. We all know the saying, “loose lips sinks ships” and this President and his administration are tight lipped on important issues but are open with foreign matters where they shouldn’t be. Our president and his regime have botched numerous issues and let’s not forget “Fast and Furious”! We must demand answers. I believe that a majority of Americans understand that Obama and these leftists are not on “our” side. We have a president that hates America, hates whites, hates Jews and could care less for our military. If I seem to be harsh in my criticism it is only because Obama has proved to us by his words and actions and his past that he truly are these things. To all our men and women in the military, do not forget that there are REAL Americans who truly do care!

  • Ran

    Mat G-d bless and keep him close and his family well. Thanks Maggie.

  • It’s a tenuous connection at best. Helicopters, even ones with special forces on board have been shot down before in Afghanistan.

    Nonetheless, our government publishes way too much information on our operations and what we know. It didn’t start with Obama. Clinton loved sharing information and Bush carried on the tradition after 9/11. I was still in the military at the time and I was shocked at what they were revealing.

  • This is going to get worse before 2012. I expect to hear of more and more of our boys killed by “loose lips”.

    Too bad we cannot impeach this joker.

  • To bad Obama could jump in front of the mic and blab about seal team six and take the credit for the decision to send them in, when he still can’t be forthright with his school records and his associations with terrorists in our own country. This President, I feel, is just as responsible for the killing of Aaron, as the slim that killed him. What a disgrace our President is, and what a hero, Aaron was and his family is.

  • Seal Team Six (DEVGRU) came into the news when they took out the Somali pirates and then Osama. Think about it. This team was outed by the White House when they released this information. Up until then, all their actions have been classified. Now, under Obama, they’re made public. DEVGRU is the Navy’s top counter terrorist team and their activities have always been classified. To put this in prospective, it would be like the White House naming the team that cracked the Japanese Code during WWII or naming the agency that infiltrated Hitler’s high command while WWII was still taking place. By naming these men, the administration has made their family members targets and the MSM has gone along willingly by having them on TV interviews.