80% Muslims, 65% Jews, 60% Atheists Approve of Obama

A new poll out from Gallup shows Obama has big support from Muslims, Jews and atheists. His approval ratings from American Muslims has dropped only 4% since the last poll in 2009. In 2010 he dropped to 78% but today, his favorability has risen to 80%. The poll compares Obama’s Muslim approval to G. W. Bush in 2008, and says Obama is much more favored. No mention that Bush had been in office for 8 years at that time, compared to Obama’s not quite 3 years, and Bush was tasked with protecting us from Muslims. It’s that simple. See below for who conducted this poll for Gallup.

Barack Obama Class Photo, Indonesia Madrassa (top row, 3rd from left)


Compared with the poll numbers of President George W. Bush, Obama enjoys a very high level of approval among Muslim Americans. In 2008, a mere 7 percent of the Muslim American population approved of the job Bush was doing especially when it came to the war on terrorism.

Thank about that? Our Muslim Americans blame Bush for the consequences of  9/11. Nice. They blamed him for being a Christian too.

Meanwhile, 50 percent of Catholics, 37 percent of Protestants and only 25 percent of Mormons approve of Obama’s handling of the presidency.

The Gallup poll was “conducted by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center.” In the U.S., Muslim American Dalia Mogahed is the Executive Director of the Gallup

Dalia Mogahed

Center for Muslim Studies. She is also Obama’s adviser of the Office of Muslim Affairs. Recognition of Mogahed as a high-profile Obama advisor (and connected to a pollster, as well) grabbed interest when she appeared on a British television show, Muslimah Dilemma and said that Shariah Law is “gender justice” for Muslim women. 

Read the entire article at The Examiner.

Have you wondered why so many American Jews vote the Democrat party line, even with such disgraceful support for Israel? You might be interested in this conversation.

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  • I don’t know where they get the 65% of Jews. The last poll the number was 54% (The same as what Carter got his last year.) and dropping. You have to wonder if these people are asking real Jews and not JINOs.

  • Here’s a little response on ‘firsts.’ The short version suggests thinking about Nancy Pelosi becoming the first woman Speaker of the House. It was a milestone that if not for NanPo’s freaky persona and far left liberal tendencies could have been an historic moment we all embraced.

    Likewise, the first black and white president should have been a moment to rejoice in America. But these are sentiments reserved not only for milestones but humans who exceed expectations beyond the endorsement of those who have an agenda no matter who it is.

    As it stands now America is still looking for that ‘milestone’ individual who can embody the hopes and dreams of all Americans. No simple task indeed. This person will need to possess the skills required for drawing acceptance from a wide spectrum of ideologies. At the same time the public must understand it is not possible to accommodate all demands.

    For its part, the tea party sentiment plays a role of emphasizing the need to return to our founding principles. That does not mean abandoning the demands of politically left or right but finding w way to bridge the gap between competing preferences.

    Do you really think there is anyone out there capable of getting that job done in 2012? I’m not so sure.