Washington Can Learn a Lot From a Drug Addict Video

Video paid for by Public Notice Research and Education Fund at WashingtonCouldLearnaLot.com

Washington, D.C.

Washington Could Learn a Lot from a Drug Addict (video)

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  • That’s a good one. A lot of great videos have been popping up this past month.

  • I agree with the sentiments and even the metaphors likening our government to an addict out of control. The difference is that addicts eventually hit bottom, people won’t give them any help, they have no money and no one to take them in. They share much in common with those who stand to lose the most, Social Security benefitiaries, Medicaid, Medicare, recipients and our military, whose familes depend on that money. These are the poor, the elderly, and the soldiers putting their lives on the line for a coumtry willing to take their livelyhood along with their future. This is of no concern to our leaders, they already have their own security and nothing to lose personally, only politically.All this partisan posturing shows us that, like a junkie, they think only of themselves with no thought of the harm that they are inflicting.I hope you people who voted in these nut jobs are happy! Where are you now? God willing the tea drinking pricks will get voted right back out, like a reality show, only we all get screwed while they play the government game. No wonder the average American has over ten grand of personal debt. No question where they got the idea to fund a life beyond their means on someone else’s dime. Our leaders have gotten us nowhere but more in debt and more divided then we ever knew we could be. Yet we mimic their behavior, look to their morals and believe that we are just the lowly ones,our voice does not matter, the fate of this country does not matter. This is what ignorance elevated looks like. Get a good look. They don’t even understand that our obligations are already authorized for payment by Congress. Where were they the past eight years, when the debt ceiling was raised ten times? I guess idiots have short term memory problems. They should not have to be schooled to understand this! Obama needs to step in and end this bloody nightmare for all of us!!!!!