Wael Ghonim on the Egyptian Revolution: Muslim Brotherhood Shatters Dreams

You’ll remember Wael Ghonim, the Google executive who went to Egypt and became one of the freedom fighters, risking their lives to bring freedom and liberty to the Egyptian people. You’ll remember that the worst fears have become true and the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian Military are now in control. The Godfather of Sharia Law, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a hardline Islamist, returned to Egypt after 30 years of banishment for involvement in the assassination of Anwar Sadat.

Wael Ghonim

As al-Qaradawi held court on a street dias after Friday prayers, on about February 18th, Ghonim tried to step onto the stage in “celebration” of the “revolution” and was promptly sent packing. By February 18th, the “revolution” had come and gone, Mubarak was gone, and Sharia Law was well on it’s way to being the Rule of Law in Eqypt.

Ghonim was a hero in the days of the Egyptian “revolution.” While on assignment for Google, he disappeared inside Cairo and became one of the leaders of the revolution.

On March 4th, 2011 Ghonim spoke at a TED.com conference from Cairo. TED.com features innovative thinkers – “ideas worth spreading.” In this video, Wael says the Egypt before the revolution will never be the same after the revolution. It’s heartbreaking to hear, because it is true, but Egypt is decidedly worse off today than it was before “revolution 2.0.”

About three weeks after the TED.com video a referendum vote on the new Constitution was held. The freedom-fighter-faction urged Egyptians NOT to vote for the referendum which gave the Muslim Brotherhood an oppressive power within the country, which clearly wanted a secular government, but instead got a Sharia-compliant government. Seventy-seven percent of the people voted FOR the referendum. Only 41% of the people went to the polls and exercised their right to vote.

Americans were torn over the “revolution.” Many of us championed the right of the people to rebel, but many of us also realized that the young freedom fighters would likely not have the power to stave off Islamists. The story is, radicals have flooded into the country. The problem is, the country is Muslim, and Muslim countries follow Sharia. There will be no liberty or freedom, especially for women and daughters, in a country revering Sharia Law. Each time “freedom fighters” break out in a Muslim country, and we hear the stories of hope, we must remember to look back on Egypt. We either stop Sharia-creep, or continue to mourn for those seeking freedom. Or put another way, Muslims must stop Sharia-creep, or continue to mourn for the loss of their freedom.

Wael Ghonim on the Egyptian Revolution (video)

  • No surprise, Maggie. Whatever the Obamunists support, reasonable people should oppose. Back in February, I speculated that there were a number of rats lurking in this particular woodpile on the Nile, the largest of the lurkers being the Society of Muslim Brothers, better known as the “Muslim Brotherhood” or “MB”…since Egypt is 80 to 90% Muslim, logic dictates that the Brotherhood will be the loudest of these voices. And a belief in “democratic principles” is not part of the MB’s playbook. If Obama is successful in ousting Gaddafi (superficially not a bad thing), the MB and the radical Islamists will take over there as well. I believe that was the goal of this ‘president’ from the beginning.

  • Too bad Obama has chosen to embrace the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, despite the MB having declared war on us last year and the fact that the MB’s self expressed goal for America is to destroy it.

  • More evdence that the best laid plans of mice and men often go….

  • We were calling this from day one. I’m not surprised in the least. No one should be. It was totally predictable.

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