Veterans Sue US Veterans Affairs: Banishing God Jesus from Veteran Funerals: DOJ Attorneys Fight Against Christian Soldiers

I haven’t yet reported on this terrible story, but after my update I have the original background report from Gulag Bound. Texas veterans are claiming that Houston National Cemetery has banned the use of the words “God” or “Jesus,” including “God bless you,” and “God bless,” at military funerals. And, it is now being charged that this is a part of “national policy.”

Veterans Rally for God Houston National Cemetery

The non-profit Liberty Institute filed the law suit on behalf of  Pastor Scott Rainey, and has now amended it to include American Legion Post 586, Veterans of Foreign Wars District 4 and the National Memorial Ladies, a volunteer group that attends funerals of fallen service members.

Cemetery Director, Arleen Ocasio denies the charges, but Hiram Sasser from Liberty Institute says this (Source:

“In this case they’re telling private citizens that their speech is banned, and they’re banned from even talking to the families and letting the families even know that there are options, religious or not religious,” Sasser said.

A memo released by VA on Thursday was sent to all VA cemetery directors on Nov. 1, 2007, by William Tuerk, under secretary for Memorial Affairs at the time.

It states that cemetery employees, including VA-sponsored volunteer honor guards, “shall not provide texts of any such recitations to the deceased’s survivors for consideration.”

‘She was told to do this’

Similar language is used in a document titled, “Houston National Cemetery Honor Guard Guidelines.” It is signed by Ocasio and dated March 15.

“I guess at least now we know why Ms. Ocasio was doing what she was doing,” Sasser said. “She was told to do this. To find out that that’s part of the national policy, that’s shockingly unbelievable.”

If you read the article linked above you’ll see that there is evidence that some routine religious and military ceremonies are allowed, and the words “God” or “Jesus” are not specifically named. Apparently, whatever will be said at a funeral must past the muster of the funeral director, and Pastor Scott Rainey’s prayer “in the name of Jesus” was not allowed.

U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes ruled May 26 that the government couldn’t stop Rainey from using the words “Jesus Christ” in his invocation at the cemetery. Hughes issued a temporary restraining order to prevent VA from censoring Rainey’s prayer.

It seems this is a behind-the-scenes attempt to censor speech. Note that praying in the name of Jesus Christ is not “inclusive enough,” and as the following article points out: “it’s always Jesus that is offensive.” From The Christian Post:

So, for example, a local Nazarene pastor, Rev. Scott Rainey, was asked to say a prayer at a Memorial Day service there. Director Ocasio told him to send in writing what he was going to say. He complied.

She got back to him and said it was “well written,” but he couldn’t say it (or pray it) as is-because it was not “all inclusive” as a prayer. Translation: Since he wanted to end his prayer (as he is wont to do) in the name of Jesus Christ, he could not pray-at least not that way…

Meanwhile, one man who spoke on behalf of Liberty Institute’s lawsuit against the cemetery and its director is 66-year-old Vietnam veteran, Nobleton Jones, Honor Guard Junior Vice Command. He said, “On March 15, Director Ocasio told me that I couldn’t say ‘May God grant you grace, mercy and peace to grieving families.”

Since U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is under the direct command of Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ), none of this is a surprise. U.S. Attorneys will be going to court to forbid Christian soldiers being buried as the names of God or Jesus are invoked. This DOJ is an anti-Christian as it is possible to be, working under the might and power of the U.S. government, and our taxpayer dollars support their salaries.

We must be grateful for, and support organizations such as the Liberty Institute and others who are protecting freedom of speech in this country.

The photo above is courtesy of and shows a Veterans Rally for God at Houston National Cemetery.

Here is the background article from Gulag Bound:

U.S. Dept. Veterans Affairs Banning ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ in Military Funerals:
July 4, 2011, 2:56 pm

By Arlen Williams

The stench of this news from Houston, Texas has reached the United Kingdom.  Now, eyes throughout the world will be watching this phase of the Marxofascist insurrection in America, as it experiments with phasing out even the mention of God.

In MailOnline:

Veterans BANNED from saying ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ at military funerals

By John Stevens

Last updated at 8:13 PM on 30th June 2011

Veteran groups are taking legal action after they say they were banned from saying the words ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ during funeral services at the Houston National Cemetery.Three veterans organisations are to take the Department of Veteran Affairs to court over claims that they have censored prayers and demanded that words be submitted in advance for government approval.

Cemetery officials ordered volunteers to stop telling families ‘God bless you’ at funeral and said that the words ‘God bless’ had to be removed from condolence cards, according to court documents filed this week in federal court.


Challenge: Veterans are taking the government to court over the ban on the words ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ at military funerals

The groups, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion and the National Memorial Ladies, said that officials have created ‘religious hostility’ and are violating the First Amendment.‘The hostile and discriminatory actions by the Veterans Affairs officials in Houston are outrageous, unconstitutional and must stop,’ said lawyer Jeff Mateer, who is representing the groups


What does one expect, in a nation with Barack Obama its neo-Marxist putative president and communist collaborator, Leon Panetta, its new Secretary of Defense?  And this is the “audacity” we may expect, as the U.S. Senate, after many calls warning of Panetta confirms him, 100-0.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is chaired by Gen. Eric Shinseki (ret.) Obama appointee and member ofthe hardcore assembly of “communitarian” globalist “thought leaders,” the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) — another puzzle piece in its place.

Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner and outgoing Defense Secretary, Robert Gates also belong to the illustrious CFR and thus identify with its globalist ideological objectives.  In 2009, coincidentally the first year of the Obama administration and just after the Mortgage Meltdown, its TARP-rape by European baksters, then the serial “stimulus act” rape of American wealth, the CFR become much more overt about their goals in globalist authoritarianism and stealth imperialism. They call it “global governance,” as if the -ance suffix makes it seem different than -ment.  See:

Funny how this turns out: globalism up, America and even God down (they wish).
End Gulag Bound Article

  • Has anyone found out if “allah” is permitted? I bet it is. Isn’t censoring the speech of private citizens a violation of the 1st Amendment, and doesn’t the Constitution protect people from the government stopping people from worship? Our veterans risk and even sacrifice their lives for this country and now not only are they being denied a Christian burial, but CONDOLENCE cards are censored? How is that even possible? Is the gov’t going to be going through the mail of grieving families to make sure that they don’t receive any Mass cards? WTF?

  • The Constitution is supposed to protect “we the people” from the government.

    “We the people” better get it right in 2012.

  • They just keep chip, chip,chipping away at the foundation of our society. I am sick of it!

  • BobF

    I wonder what they would do if a minister did use the name of Jesus after being told not to? Would they try to physically stop him? If so, there’s going to be a brawl at my funeral because my church members and family wouldn’t allow them to put a hand on my pastor.

  • This has to come from on high. I bet you anything that this is directly from Obama. He is testing to see if he can get away with this in Houston before forcing this on the rest of the nation.

  • It is sad in the History of the “Greatest Nation on earth”! The USA has been and is still the greatest Natural Country BUT it has long lost the leadership for Jesus Christ. Many of us Christians that ours is not a physical war BUT a spiritual War.

    The Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be spread and put back into ALL societies of the world and prayers said in ALL possible places to counter the devil that has come upon these people out to fight God.

    Be wise – pray to Our Lord Jesus Christ silently without shame. If you put yourself in trouble for disobedience – the name of the Lord will not help. Ours is a spiritual war NOT a physical war!

    See “Why Does God Test And Try Us?

  • I’m so glad they are suing MAG! Have a super Sunday~! hugsssssssss~!

  • O has taken up the posture that he respects our nation’s Armed Forces, but this is just one more in a long list of his insults to our nation’s military and their families, from attempting to require wounded warriors to pay for their own prosthetic limbs, to preceding his announcement of the Fort Hood terrorism with cheerful “shout-outs” to audience members, to his recent callous inability to remember that posthumous Medal of Honor recipient, SFC Jared Monti, had indeed sacrificed his life for his country.

    Great post. Linked at Bread upon the Waters.

  • If the silent majority and christians don’t speak up loud and clear in 2012, we are in serious trouble. This country was founded on believing in God..that’s why we have been so successful. Take God out of everything and we will be just like Rome…we weill go down like the Titanic! KEEP THE STATUE OF JESUS AT THE VETERAN’S CEMETARY.