United in Hate of Christians and Judeo/Christian Traditions

The following is an excerpt from an article by Jim O’Neill writing at Gulag Bound. He is calling for a dedicated and focused “united front” against those who are united in hate against Christians and Judeo/Christian traditions. As I say in my weekly (usually) Sunday Faith News and Views blog, pairing religion and politics makes perfect sense to me. In America, our Constitutional freedoms are based on the belief that every man, woman and child’s liberty comes directly from God. Look around the world, without Judeo/Christian traditions, there is no liberty.


In his book “United in Hate” Dr. Jamie Glasov points out that various diverse and divergent groups are temporarily united by their hatred of Western civilization, America, Israel, and Judeo/Christian traditions. One does not need an epiphany in order to recognize that American Christians as a whole need to regroup, retrench, and refocus in order to present a united front against this very real and dire threat.

The foes we fight are clever, vicious, dedicated, and nuts—a formidable combination. They have been ceaselessly undermining and subverting Christianity from both within and without. At present, American Christianity is diluted, confused, and divided. It includes such non-Christian “Christian” cults as the execrable Westboro group, and Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright’s racist, envy ridden, rage filled “ministry.” I hope you will read this entire, comprehensive article at Gulag Bound.


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