The “Pass the Buck” President

Earlier today President Obama blamed everyone and everything but but himself for the dismal economy. Fox Nation caught it, and noticed how his hair is getting grayer. He should try Nice ‘N Easy®. Unfortunately, all that will do is get rid of the gray. If only that could correct his rotten economic policies.

A year after the WH proclaimed “recovery summer,: and two years after a trillion dollar “stimulus” program, the President blamed a series of “headwinds” for what he described as a “rocky” “recovery.” Obama said Greece, natural disasters, high gas prices, state budget cuts and uncertainty about the debt ceiling were prohibiting the economy from creating more jobs, which critics called just more finger-pointing from the White House. “Streamlining the patent process” and new infrastructure spending were a few solutions to the jobs crisis offered by the President this morning, leaving many economists scratching their heads. Looking detached, Mr. Obama plodded back into the White House with his head down, without acknowledging any responsibility for the economy for the struggling economy and appearing to some critics extremely out of touch.

But, but, wait! I thought it was all Bush’s fault. Of course, there’s no personal responsibility.

Here’s the video:

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  • In reference to the video of Bill O’Reilly.. Not a great fan of Bill, but Alan Colmes… just drives me nuts… He’s so blind mentally.. He bloviates, with part of the facts but he literally lies to mislead people to his point of view. Obama owns this economy… He will be blamed for it. But he will be praised by idiots like Colmes…

  • Otis P. Driftwood

    Colmes can’t see the forest because of the trees. He just keeps hammering the same few points over and over. O’Reilly finally got tired of him towards the end. I’m surprised that obama’s approval rating is as high as 47%.

  • The “Blame Bush” argument is no longer working. Now he has to resort to old-fashioned Class Warfare.

    BTW do you think he will keep that grey hair after the election? I don’t. His ego is too big.

    • It will be fun to watch his color..haha.. like Nancy’s face or Bidens hair line.. What a bunch of phonies

      • Otis P. Driftwood

        I thought obama was very color coordinated – his suit matched his hair.