Taxpayers Send $2 Million for Debt Reduction – in Tiny Donations

Good intentioned Americans haven’t a clue that their “very, very, very, very tiny, tiny amount,” sent in to the government to help pay down the deficit, just gives Obama another $2 Million for his slush fund. Students have sent “nickles and dimes” from their Civics class, where they have learned nothing about constitutional government. A spokesman at the Bureau of Public Debt said the donors “really feel they want to give more to their country.”
The Bureau of Public Debt has recently had to buy all new calculators because the old ones didn’t have enough zeros to “go over $10 Trillion. Bet that cut into the $2 Million. Cha-ching, Cha, ching.

We do not “pay down” the debt, we just spend:

The debt-reduction fund was established by Congress in 1961 in order to accept a $20-million donation that Susan Vaughan Clayton, a wealthy Texan, left to the federal government in her will. The fund is now managed by the Bureau of Public Debt, a branch of the Treasury Department.

Ultimately, all the donations end up in the Treasury’s general fund out of which almost all government expenditures are paid.


  • So, they are teaching kids to voluntarily give their hard earned coinage to the government?

    Does this seem like an episode of Robin Hood, and the gov’t is Prince John??