Sean Hoare: News of the Word Whistleblower Dead

Sean Hoare was a showbiz and celebrity reporter for the infamous News of the World, who blew the whistle on the incredible phone hacking practices of the newspaper. Today Hoare, 47, was found dead in his apartment.

Sean Hoare

Police say there is nothing suspicious about his death. Right. The Scotland Yard chief of police resigned today with allegations that some in the organization were paid money for tips. The No. 2 official in London’s Metropolitan Police also resigned. Suicide or murder? Neither finding will be surprising.

Update – The Guardian:

[Hoare] “There’s more to come. This is not going to go away.”

…Hoare named a private investigator who he said had links with the News of the World, adding: “He may want to talk now because I think what you’ll find now is a lot of people are going to want to cover their arse.”

Update – The Telelgraph: Hoare pointed the finger his editor and friend Andy Coulson:

He [Hoare] told the New York Times that Mr Coulson’s claims that he knew nothing about phone hacking were “simply a lie”. He later told the BBC that his former editor had personally asked him to access phone messages, a claim that Mr Coulson denied.

Mr Hoare, who was later interviewed under caution by police, made fresh allegations last week, when he said News of the World executives paid police officers to locate “targets” by using their mobile phone signal in an operation known as “pinging”.

Then he told a Guardian journalist: “There’s more to come. This is not going to go away.”


  • Ran

    Maggie: Here’s a link to the Telegraph’s coverage of the situation.

    Not suspicious? Yipes! I pray the poor man didn’t suffer, whatever the cause. He was courageous enough.

    • Ran, seems Hoare wasn’t in the least intimidated, but of course, now he’s dead.

  • Odd timing. Doesn’t make sense to mur der him after he already blew the whistle. God rest his soul.

    • Opus, he knew more I believe, and I think many others still have not admitted their part in this. With him, that info goes. How convenient. The thing is, if he died of a heart attack, who will believe it since the police and high profile politicians were bribed to provide info.

  • Ran
    • Ran, thanks for the link. I fixed his misspelled name (sigh – I was running to the foot doctor and not paying attention).

  • Ran

    Look, if you’re *running* to the foot doc, there’s nothing wrong a decent Scotch won’t fix.


  • Word

    This is a left nirvana.

    They will attempt to trace this all the way to Murdock and destroy fox news, the wall street journal and every news source friendly to the right.

    This is but the beginning of the end.

    The end will be when the WSJ and Fox news are purchased by left wingers as Murdock and his Newscorp are run out of business and forced to be sold. I rather suspect sometime in the next year or two FOX news will be owned by George Soros.