Sean Hannity on McCains Hobbit Attack – McCain Seeking Middle Earth? Video

John McCain is on with Hannity in the video below, trying to explain why he read a Wall Street Journal article on the Senate floor…an article that brutally attacks the TEA Party…but saying he wan’t attacking the TEA Party. I hear he is seeking a Middle Earth refuge as I type. He clearly used the article to disparage the movement, , saying TEA Party thinking was “crack political thinking,” and the same type of thinking that brought TEA Party losing candidates Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle to the political fore. He ended with calling conservatives TEA Party “hobbits.” You can see he gets testy with Hannity as he tries to defend himself.

Gollum McCain

Sean Hannity and John McCain on Hobbit-Like Crack Political Thinking (video)

Thanks to Bob at The Camp of the Saints for the graphic. Take a look at his comments on McCain with a round-up of viewpoints.


  • Just think.. he could have been President.

    • He wouldn’t have been my choice. But I voted for him. I just can’t stand his.. “Can’t we just get along?” attitude. Why are we, Republicans, always told to work with the Democrats, when the Demos would never think of working with the Repubs…?