Sandy McMillin Kicked Out of WalMart for Bikini: Customers Complained

Sigh. Sandy McMillin says she was escorted out of a WalMart store for wearing a skimpy bikini top (which she bought at WalMart some time ago). She was told to put a shirt on or leave the store. The reporter called the WalMart store, and was told customers complained about McMillin, but the woman was never escorted out of the store by WalMart employees, and she received an apology. Employees received customer handling classes.


Woman in Bikini Top Told to Leave WalMart (video)

Thanks to Huffington Post


  • Hm. Her problem isn’t just the bikini.

  • I thought this might be a rule 5 type post, but I see it is a rule zero. Although isn’t, er, ugliness a form of free speech? As long as the private parts are covered? Not sure about the law on this.

  • Now that I see her I can understand the complaints lol

  • Not so much a case of too little bikini, but too much belly, too many tats and too little hair.
    Who was it who said “we don’t care what you do so long as it doesn’t scare the horses”?

  • “See something,,,Say something”,,,,,,,,,,

  • Rule zero, scare the horses, see something? LOL… Call Janet quick!

  • YIKES. When Americans still had gumption, the closest person to her would just of said, “put on some damn clothes woman” After having that said to her half a dozen times, one would imagine she wouldn’t run ’round nekkid anymore.