Rush Limbaugh: Third Party if Republican Leadership Gets it Wrong

I heard a caller with Limbaugh yesterday who said she was “done” with the Republican party if the Leadership doesn’t get the debt ceiling limit deal right. During that call Limbaugh said if Leadership blows it, there will be a third party, and a third party will guarantee the re-election of Obama. The woman’s voice rose to an almost hysterical pitch, and she said something similar to ‘what else do you expect me to?’ That’s the question we all are asking, BUT, the answer, THIS TIME AROUND, must be that we stick to the Republican party, vote the Republican party, and vote-in whomever the candidate is, because to do anything less, is to reelect Barack Obama. If we are to have a ‘real’ third party, the time to do it is no sooner than after November 2012. The other part of this video, is that all this week Rush has been saying that Obama is at the weakest position a president has been in for a very long time (true for every debt limit increase since Republicans took the House), and Republicans need not cave. Rush then heard Bill Kristol on Fox News’ Special Report say the following on Thursday:

“It sounds as though it’s heading toward a deal. It’s not a deal I’m going to like, I suspect, and I think it’s going to be a bad deal for Conservatives, and Republicans, and I think they’re intimidated [Republicans]. The President has been running around talking about corporate jets and the rich and how the sky is going to fall unless they cave, and I think they’re going to cave at the Sunday meeting.”

Kristol said he had no insider knowledge and was basing his prediction on news made publicly available. So that sent Rush looking for those news stories, which he found. I heard and read those same stories and was appalled, but then shortly after, heard Boehner and Cantor say there was no such compromise, and there would be no caving. This morning I posted some of the latest debt limit negotiation news, and I think you might be interested: Boehner’s Grand Bargain: Cantor’s Middle Bargain: Gang of 87 Dubious.

As a parting thought, if there are TEA Party candidates, we will be wise to make certain the Senate is packed with Conservatives and the House grown by more than last Falls Gang of 87. Cartoon courtesy of the brilliant Steve Sack


Rush Limbaugh on a Third Party if Republicans Cave (video)

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  • Maggie, it is too soon to panic and start disseminating fears about the Republican leadership caving in as Bill Kristol did. Rush is right. Only very dumb people, or uncontrollably emotional people, will vote for a third party. All this talk about third parties are silly. The electoral system of “pass-the-booth” (winner take all) makes it impossible for third parties to exist.

    Bill Crystal is often wrong. He is most likely wrong again. I believe that the most probable outcome is one where the Republicans get 3/4 of what they want while giving up on some tax credits and subsidies that are not strictly enough tax increases for the Tea Party but that Obama can demagogue as such in his daily speeches so he can save face.

  • He makes sense, but Maybe we need to replace the GOP. It will hurt in the short term, but it may save us in the long term.

  • 3rd party means Obama gets 4 more years. Let the angry Progressives go to the 3rd parties. That will hurt Obama very much. But if we are serious about voting Obama out of office, then we need to vote Republican, especially for President.

    The stakes are too high to play around.

    • I agree completely.

      So far, the Tea Party, under the guidance of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, have restrained from making excited threats about becoming a third party. That is good mature behavior.

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  • The GOP knows that voting for a third party candidate will ensure an Obama reelection. Playing on this known fear of Conservatives, the GOP is going to most likely give us another McCain type candidate, a moderate. People are tired of voting the lesser of two evils and that’s why the Tea Party came about. Don’t forget, almost 40% of the Tea Party is composed of Democrats and Independents.

    What happens if Conservatives nominate a candidate that the GOP Blue Bloods don’t approve of? What if Herman Cain or Michelle Bachmann get the nomination of the people? Will the GOP and RNC withdraw their support and possibly support another candidate? Face it, when it comes to the party elites, both Democrat and Republican, we the people are to vote as we’re told.

    • Hi BobF, what will happen is, the RNC will be reluctant, but in the end, they will have go financially support the candidate. Maybe there is a fresh wind blowing. Problem is, it sometimes turns downwind, but this is the only real opportunity we have had for so many years. The GOP fossils will want Romney. We’ll see what they get, and I don’t doubt their power. I hope everyone will stand strong against a third party.

  • When Congress and the presidency are split between the two parties spending is lower than when one party (either GOP or Democratic) controls both Congress and the presidency. The GOP has been failing to behave other than as a Progressive party for a century. There is no reason to think that a corporate bailout clone like Romney will be any different from Obama. The fact is, the Republicans are equally responsible for big government as are the Democrats because it was Nixon who abolished the final remnant of the gold standard in 1970, opening the door to today’s massive debt load. Third party or split Congress/presidency are better for people who oppose big government than the GOP’s controlling both the presidency and the Congress. I’m sorry, but the GOP is just a me-too socialist party.

    • Mitchell, I don’t disagree but today we see the possibility of real change with House freshmen, and I intend to try to help make that happen.

  • Alice

    Hay Maggie, Obama being reelected might be worse case scenario, however I don’t have much trust in any other party either. The US democratic system is just in a horrible state.

    • Hi Alice, I agree with you, but we MUST take the Senate. We just must! The thing we have going for us are the fresh faces who campaigned on small government. We need more. This is the first time since the early 80’s that we have a chance to right a great many wrongs. If we can get conservatives into office, then we must see to it that they institute the policies, correct the wrongs that will save us from going through this again. Thanks so much for reading and commenting:-)

  • mitchelllangbert

    How’d this idea work out for you?

    One of the tactics that the Establishment has used since the advent of Progressivism has been to create a fake dichotomy and energize people who are sympathetic to either side of the dichotomy. The dichotomy is based on the Old versus the new testament: the God of Wrath, an eye for an eye, and just deserts versus the God of Love, love thy neighbor, charity, and turn the other cheek. The Republicans are the Old Testament, the Democrats the New. This is similar to what existed in ancient Rome: the party of the Populares or plebeians and the party of the Optimates, which advocated conservative economic policies. See .

    It is a false dichotomy because neither side is what it claims. In American politics the policies of the Democrats have not helped the average American. Their ideas have led to income inequality. The Republicans claim to be the party of freedom, but Progressivism and the false dichotomy I’m describing were created within the Republican Party; it is alive today in the conflict between the Tea Party and Rockefeller Republicans.

    It did not matter one bit whether Obama was defeated. Romney would have pursue the same policies as Obama. You were whipped into an Obama-hating frenzy by a manipulative media, specifically including Fox.

    It would have sent a louder message to vote for the Libertarian Party. You allowed yourself to vote for big government.