Rush Limbaugh: Obama Threats on SS and Military: Can’t Guarantee August Checks Will Go

Speaking with perky Katie Couric’s replacement, Scott Pelley asked Obama if he can guarantee “as president” that Social Security checks will get in the mail for August 2011. Obama lied, and said no, can’t guarantee it. He said there might not be enough money in the coffers to pay Seniors, Vets and military. Honestly folks, if you believe this, you must think we’ve been running on empty for more than a few years. If entitlements are 60% of our payments and we have over $200BILLION of revenue coming in each month, then we have the money to make interest payments. What we don’t have is any money to spend on partisan perks. The only way the checks would not go out is if Obama directs them to be held as punishment, and I can’t say with “certitude” that he has the power to do so. Here’s Rush Limbaugh’s comment on Obama’s threat.

Obama Lies


OBAMA:  I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven’t resolved this issue, because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.

RUSH:  That’s an out-and-out lie and if I didn’t know better I would say the White House gave Scott Pelley a script.  If I didn’t know better, I would say Scott Pelley, new to the job, shows up and they handed him the script for this interview.  That question is such a softball setup:  “Can you guarantee, as president, those checks will go out?”  “I can’t guarantee those checks will go out.”  They will go out.  Social Security is not part of this debt limit talk.  It’s not.  There’s not enough time, folks, to change the code in the Social Security computer system to have the checks not go out.  The most frightening part of the answer, we don’t have this on the sound bite, but the whole answer is the president says the government sends out about 70 million checks.  Seventy million checks, can you imagine having to reconcile that every month?

This is an outrage here, because this is not true, and my God, it is the playbook.  Hold senior citizens and military people hostages here.  It’s not just the Social Security checks; it’s veterans checks.  It’s right out of the playbook.  I’ve been hearing this for 45 years, ever since I was 15.

And this meaty comment from Rush after Obama’s Press Secretary Jay Carney says Obama doesn’t “have a vote in this:”

RUSH:  If he doesn’t have a vote, why are we even meeting with him?  Would somebody explain what Carney means here.  I’ll tell you what the president’s vote is, is his signature.  He does have a vote!  What is this?  So here we have the lie about Social Security and military checks not going out two days after Ramadan.  Now we’ve got Jay Carney saying the president doesn’t have a vote.  Well, the obvious reaction is, why is anybody talking to him, then?  Why does what he think matters?  Why are they going up to the White House to talk about this?  He can veto any debt limit bill he wants or he can vote for it.  He’s gotta sign any new debt limit law that they pass.  He’s got to sign it, and he’s been threatening to veto anything without tax increases.  That’s his vote.  My God, these people are insulting us like never before.

This is the Democrat method of terrorism. Obama isn’t man-enough to say, ‘we will not default and we will honor our obligations to Seniors, Veterans and the defense of our country, until the two chambers of Congress can get this worked out.’ That’s what a real man, and an honest American President would say.


  • “That’s what a real man, and an honest American President would say.”

    Clearly Obama is neither of those things. He is, however, a summa cum laude graduate of the Alinsky School o Revolutionary Tactics.

  • Fear and smear is all they have left. Can he really be that stupid? I think not, but he definitely thinks we are, if he believe we will fall for such transparent scaremongering.

  • I actually think they did hand him a script.

  • Heh. All presidents think they were crowned king and claim powers (at least in rhetoric) that they don’t have. Obama is a looser cannon than most. He better watch his mouth. Seniors vote more than any other group and they will not appreciate threats, even empty ones.

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  • I’m a senior citizen who gets and depends on my Social Security check. As an artist, I never could get ahead enough to stow away doe for a rainy day. I still live that situation. It’s even tougher now that we have a communist at the head of our government. If we didn’t have people like Rush, to get the truth out, I’d be panicking now..
    The consequences of such a statement by a non-feeling leader, puts many who’s minds are easily molded, into a tail spin, with such statements as Obama made. I wonder how many seniors who totally rely on their social security checks, the disabled, the war vets, as well as seniors, how many of them flooded the phones of the Social Security Offices, in panic after hearing our anointed one’s statement? I wonder how many so desperate, who are on fixed incomes, contemplated suicide after hearing our fearless leaders LIE!!!
    It’s time to kick the bums out.

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