Politico: Tea Party House Members Full Blown Terrorists

Politico writer William Yeomans says the TEA Party House members are “full-blown terrorists.” Did he watch any of the Health Care legislation as it was forced on Americans in prime time? Remember Nancy and Gang with the behemothic gavel and the Jimmy Choo shoes, as she took a victory lap and stormed the Capitol building – some of her Capitol gang falsely accusing protesting Americans of obscenities (never proven obscenities)? It didn’t look like terrorism, but it felt like terrorism, a royal edict. Remember Pelosi saying we had to pass Health Care so we would know what’s in it? Mr. Yeomans is just a petulant partisan hack, or piece of slime – either works. His column is abominable.

This is a terrorist - Nidal Hasan, Ft. Hood 2009 Terrorist

Terrorism is a tough term, but, unfortunately, it describes tea party tactics precisely. Their first step was to vow not to vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Here, as in many radical factions, there was a split between the purists and the pragmatists. Pragmatists vowed not to raise the ceiling unless draconian cuts were made in the federal government.

Purists didn’t bother with an “unless.” They, including presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachman (R-Minn.), were willing to let the entire edifice come crashing down — hiding behind magical thinking that allowed them to deny that anything horrible would happen if the ceiling were not raised. Source.

Nancy Pelosi and Capitol Gang

We can’t call a full-blown terrorist like Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood killer a terrorist (Obama would not, Janet Napolitano would not, Eric Holder would not) but we can call our U.S. Congressmen/women terrorists!  Politico should be ashamed to publish this filth.