Philadelphia Tells Obama: One and Done! Fundraising a Family Affair

The Won swooped into Philadelphia today, home to the voter-intimidating brothers he supported in the New Black Panthers Party case in the 2008 elections, and was met with some protesting Americans telling him “One and Done,” “Stop Spending” and “Balance the Budget.” See a video below.

Obama Fundraisers

The President had two fundraisers in Philly today, not to be outdone by Michelle, who has been traveling and fundraising, and…fundraising and charging the American people for at least a portion of her travel, as she holds “First Lady” events. Four California cities – two First Lady events, and $10,000-per-photo op.

The first lady’s office did not respond to a request for information about whether and how much of the trip will be paid for by the government. But with official events scheduled, it’s very safe to assume that a chunk – perhaps most –  of the first lady’s travel aboard a specially equipped air force plane along with her security detail and entourage will be paid for by taxpayers. Source: The White House Dossier

Not to be outdone by Michelle, The Lonely Conservative says Obama is raising money by offering food tastings to big donors, done by the White House Chefs. Can he bundle a night in the Lincoln Bedroom? There is nothing sacred…like the Constitution or the office of the President, in this White House, except the big Obama donor and the SEIU.

With a goal to raise $60 MILLION, perhaps you missed the midnight deadline yesterday, to have dinner with Bo and Joe?

Friend –

If you’re planning on donating to this campaign at any point in the next 16 months, you should do it now.

Tonight at midnight is not just your last chance to enter the “Dinner with Barack and Joe” contest, it’s also a hugely important fundraising deadline for this campaign — the first time we’ll report on our progress to the public and the press.

The next few hours are critical for us. Please donate $5 or more today.

The letter above from PJ Tatler.

Fundraising is a family affair for the Obamas. Michelle took the girls and Grandma on that LA visit with her, where Malia and Sasha were treated to a tour of Universal Studios.

In Berkely, renowed Chez Panisse chef Alice Waters did the lush funder breakfast and Michelle perhaps was reminded of the first time in her “adult lifetime” she was proud of her country – you remember, when her husband was the adored 2008 presidential candidate, but on this day in Berkely, where she would treat her daughters to pizza after the breakfast bash, on the taxpayer’s dime she said :

“I do this because I’m a mother who wants my kids to have a legacy they can be proud of,” she said.

It certainly IS all about race in the Obama household.

The Obama Fundraising Legacy (video)