Pelosi: Boehner Goes to Dark Side

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says repeatedly “the Speaker chose to go to the dark side.” No mention of Boehner supporting Cut, Cap and Balance, and her party refusing to let the Senate vote on it. It begs acknowledgment of this fact: (see the video below)

Nancy Pelosi

The Democrat solution is, we MUST raise our borrowing limit, as we have in years past, and continue raising the dollar amount we can borrow (debt limit) simply because we have done so for many years.

The Democrat plan to cover the debt limit is to raise taxes every year to cover the rising, and sanctioned, debt. Indeed there is a dark side in America today, but it isn’t John Boehner killing the light. Is this the nation you want America?

  • This woman is a ruthless, morally-crippled propaganda and character assasin of the worst kind

    What a piece of anti-American garbage

    • That was to be “propaganda artist”

    • RR, she is all that. Wish I could “call names” the way you do.

  • Pelosi is the self-proclaimed Pope of America. Remember how she lectured us that the Catholic Church held no official view on abortion, therefor it was ok for American Catholics to cheer on the abhorrent practice?

    The woman is a loon and it’s no wonder she comes from San Fran Sicko.

    • Silver, I remember that her New York priest refused to serve her communion because she publicly stated that the Catholic church didn’t hold a position.

  • She is a gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, McCain does as well. I would say it is close to a draw.

    • Bunkerville, she is a gift. The unfortunate thing for Pelosi is, many who thought ObamaCare might be a good idea, now know it is disasterous.

  • Nancy Pelosi is stark raving crazy. Does she forget so easily how she ran the House? Does she forget so easily how she shoved the health care law down our throats? How she ever wins an election is beyond me.

    • LD, she wins elections because everyone in her district is as looney and left as she is. Maybe now that she can’t offer some of them a ride on her government jet, they’ll see her for what she is. Of course, they will not. I was really hoping she would step down after losing the speakership. I think she thinks they may win in November 2012 which puts the leadership back in her hands. When that doesn’t happen, maybe she will go back home.

      • Can you imagine Pelosi being 2nd in line for the Presidency? That thought is enough to keep me awake at night.

  • Pelosi is a psychopathic witch that has darkness all around the bottom of her feet that has reached her hollow brainless head. She is a walking, talking evil freaking nut job like Obama and his friends. Pelosi is the dark side and does that game well. All drama drama that is sickening laughing stock because she is JEA of Boehner.