Paul Ryan Backs Boehner Plan: House – Not Enough Votes to Pass Boehner Plan?

Conservatives in the House are pushing for changes in the Boehner debt ceiling plan formally known as the Budget Control Act. Without those changes, some conservatives in the House are “confident” the votes are not there for the Boehner Punt, Kick and Pass plan as Red State calls it. Rep. Paul Ryan seems is backing the Boehner plan in an op-ed at The Corner today.


This bill is far from perfect. We still have a long way to go toward getting the key drivers of our debt — especially federal health-care spending — under control. But considering that House Republicans control only one-half of one-third of the federal government, I support this reasonable, responsible effort to cut government spending, avoid a default, and help create a better environment for job creation.

In addition to securing a down payment of $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, the Budget Control Act tasks a congressional committee with cutting $1.8 trillion more. Such a committee would not be necessary if the Senate would do its job and address our nation’s biggest fiscal challenges, as the House has done. Unfortunately, the Senate has failed to pass any budget for 818 days, while the president has failed to put forward a serious, credible plan to get the debt under control.

Michele Malkin has the Boehner bill up. Read it here.

Boehner’s proposal features ten-year mandatory spending caps, consideration of a balanced budget amendment before the end of the year, and two stages of debt limit increases — the first reusing Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell’s reverse vote maneuvering and the second tied to future recommendations of the future, recycled entitlement/tax reform commission (UGH). In theory, the plan floats $3 trillion in cuts.

The Hill at 1:17 pm EDT:

“I am confident that as of this morning that there are not 218 Republicans in support of the plan,” said Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (Ohio), who said he is voting against the plan.

“My understanding is that it doesn’t right now. It doesn’t mean that Speaker Boehner couldn’t make some adjustments and we couldn’t get there,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas).

Jordan and Gohmert spoke after a press conference where they promoted a bill to prioritize bond payments, Social Security and military pay in case the U.S. passes Aug. 2 without a debt-ceiling increase.

Boehner has been pushing hard for 218 Republican votes for his two-step debt-ceiling plan, which would impose $1.2 trillion in discretionary cuts over 10 years in exchange for a $900 billion, six-month increase in the debt ceiling and condition a second increase on further cuts being found by a joint congressional committee.

Because of two House vacancies, Boehner would technically need 217 votes instead of 218.

Gohmert, like others in the caucus, is concerned that the $6 billion cut to 2012 spending does not go deep enough.

The Hill article quotes Boehner friend, Rep. Steve LaTourette (R-OH) saying Boehner will allow no changes to the proposed legislation! More conservative quotes at The Hill.

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