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Here is a great opportunity to do something good for a U.S. soldier and an all-American entrepreneur. U.S. Army Drill Sergeant Daniel Alarik owns He designs awesome patriotic t-shirts for both men and women and the good news is, there’s a “beer guarantee” on each and every item: if the shirt isn’t up to your standards you can return it for a full refund – “even if you just spill beer on it and it won’t come out.” Now that’s a guarantee many of my readers will find comforting. In describing GruntStyle, Alarik says: “We sell pride, not apparel.” Read more about that below. Bloggers: if you can support Sgt. Alarik’s business, please feel free to grab this post or do your own.

Drill Sgt. Daniel Alarik Soldier Elite

From Sgt. Alarik:

Back in late 2009, Army Drill Sergeant Daniel Alarik was working with recruits on a rifle range when he said to him self,

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America is not our government, political leaders or superstars, but our ideals. The idea that one can self determine his or her own destiny. American may not be fair, but everyone has their own chance. This we ll defend is the motto for US Army Drill Sergeants, also the Department of the Armys official seal, founded in 1775. We use this not just for soldiers and service members of the military on our shirts and apparel, but for every patriot of the United States America. We are all responsible for America, and this, America, we’ll defend.

GruntStyle American Warrior

We sell pride, not apparel. And if you take notice, every piece of our awesome apparel has a strong deeper meaning behind it. All of our apparel and gear is printed in the USA and nearly all the time its made with high quality USA fabric. For cost purposes though, the fabric is sometimes assembled overseas with American Cotton. This is very typical for apparel companies. We try to to keep the jobs in America and will always do our part.


GruntStyle Patriot

Only if you love the American ideas of freedom and liberty. Our gear is made for anyone who loves America like we do. We support the military and their families. We love patriots of those in uniform or those who love their country, the greatest country ever.

GruntStyle Daughter of the Republic

About the future of GruntStyle pride:

Our goal and focus is to have several lines of clothing and gear, from fashionable shirts, hoodies, dress shirts and jeans to rugged looking backpacks, coats and fight shorts. We have a long ways to go, but we work hard to get there and want to make sure that all of our gear does not just look cool, but shares the pride that we have in our country, everywhere.

At GruntStyle you can view some amazing videos showing the different defensive and offensive positions of the Army Combatives Program. Step-by-Step, you can view life-saving techniques with Sgt. Alarik teaching the positions and guiding you through them.

Drill Sergeant Daniel Alarik

See the Sergeant in full combat mode when a “hippie” parks in a Handicapped Parking Spot. Big smiles on this one. The shirts you see here are just a small sampling. Catch-up with Drill Sergeant Alarik at GruntStyle and click those buttons for Facebook and Twitter while you’re there.

Another feature of this website is supporting the defense of  John Hatley, a former First Sergeant, now demoted and dishonorably discharged, enduring a 40-year sentence in Fort Leavenworth military prison in Kansas. He was convicted of killing four Iraqi men. For every shirt you buy from GruntStyle, $5.00 goes toward the Defend Ranger John Hately defense fund, which is attempting to get Hatley back home with his family. You can also buy Defend Hatley Wrist Bands.

Tragically, John Hatley is by far, the most highly decorated soldier to be incarcerated at Fort Leavenworth, also having the longest and exceptional of military service.  In this unique case, the incident was for the better good and saved many of the Soldiers who served under him.

I will have more on Hatley’s case soon.

Disclaimer: I have accepted no payment or product to write this post. The sidebar ad for GruntStyle is not a paid ad. This is my small effort to do something to help a soldier succeed and prosper.

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